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  • Super Munchkin is a stand-alone game, which (of course) can be combined with other Munchkin games. Designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, this one is destined to RULE THE WORLD! Mwahahaha!

    And then, things went crazy! Munchkins proved to be so popular (it won the Origins award for Best Traditional Card Game of 2001) that spin-off after spin-off, sequel after sequel, expansion after expansion begin to issue forth from the factories of Steve Jackson Games. In fact, just a few years ago, Munchkin games were available in 12 different languages, and their sales accounted for 70% of the company’s revenue!

  • Munchkin Apocalypse is a core set in the series with an end of the world theme that includes natural disasters, zombie takeovers, Armageddon, alien invasions, nuclear war, etc. And while this is still a standard Munchkin game where you try to level up by killing the monsters, stealing the treasure, and stabbing your buddy, there's a new "Seal" mechanic that significantly changes the gameplay.

    Seals are a reference to the biblical seals of the Apocalypse. They can be opened and closed, although it's typically more difficult to close them. Once seven Seals are open, the game ends immediately, and the player with the highest combat strength (excluding levels) is the winner. The Seal mechanic adds a sense of impending doom to the game, meant to mimic the sense of impending doom for a real apocalypse. It also tends to create situations where the group works together to close a Seal in order to prevent a player from winning via the Seal mechanic. So there is more teamwork than in a regular Munchkin game.

    The balance of the deck is also different than the other Munchkin sets. There are a lot more Disaster cards, which are equivalent to traps and curses, so bad things tend to occur more frequently. Also, there are more monsters, especially high-level monsters. To offset this, however, there are more item enhancers and high-bonus items. It's been stated in the Munchkin forums that Munchkin Apocalypse is harder to play and is intended more for seasoned Munchkin veterans.

    Munchkin Apocalypse has four new classes but does not have races, powers, or other "thingies". It includes Undead and Shark monsters, which follow special rules.

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    This is a stand-alone game, which (of course) can be combined with other Munchkin games. And it's illustrated by John Kovalic. OF COURSE. See Igor, Gilly, and all the other Dork Tower characters in their munchkin-vampire finery . . .

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    I love the fact that I can get the now unprinted Fairy Dust set, as well as several others. The cards add fun flair to a game, but they ARE a reprint of existing cards -- a few mini boosters, to be exact. If you didn't already have them, this is an easy way to get them -- if you DO already have it, I would recommend getting the individual booster. Although, if you're a major fan of this, the Fairy Dust booster itself is more expensive on eBay than getting this whole box.  Munchkin Game Changers contains all of the cards from Munchkin Fairy Dust, Fairy Dust Jumbo Dice cards, Munchkinomicon, Munchkin Monster Enhancers, and Munchkin Reloaded! 

    Several of our Munchkin boosters add quirky, weird rules into the game. They've always been popular with fans, and now we have a way to get five hard to find boosters all at once.

    Munchkin Game Changers contains all of the cards from Munchkin Fairy Dust, Munchkinomicon, Munchkin Monster Enhancers, and Munchkin Reloaded!

    It also includes some bonus items - new Fairy Dust and Munchkinomicon level counters, and four cards formerly only available directly from Steve Jackson Games.

    Munchkin Game Changers is cheaper than buying these products separately, and provides a perfect way for both diehard fans and newcomers to expand their Munchkin collection!

    For Ages: 12+

Epic Munchkin Game Board by firedude1994 on DeviantArt

This Munchkin Board Game captures the essence of the dungeon experience with none of the actual role-playing. Compete against your friends to kill monsters, grab magic items and steal their stuff when they're not looking. Don the Horny Helmet and the Boots of Butt Kicking, wield the Staff of Napalm or the Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. Start by slaughtering the Potted Plant and the Drooling Slime, and work your way up to the game's pinnacle, the Plutonium Dragon. Earn gold pieces as you figure out strategic plays and move throughout the levels. Each 1,000 gold pieces equals one level. The game comes with 168 cards, a unique sided die and a rule sheet. The game can be played by three to six players. This award-winning take on the classic Dungeons and Dragons game is a stand-alone card game designed by Steve Jackson that "simulates" a fantasy-themed, role-playing game (RPG) in a simple, card based game that's chock full of silliness.