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Long-Legged Lula's Back in Town
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The Whole World

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  • the CHEATSHEET Series is a growing series of single double-sided sheets covering various topics in music. They capture essential points to remember: from chord charts, chord fingerings with pictures, to scale definitions and general music theory for the musician. Sheets are jam-packed and clearly laid out for quick reference. Several sheets have been developed specially for the guitar.
    Each sheet is laminated, water-resistant, dry-erase marker friendly and in a handy music sheet format (standard orchestra, i.e. 9x12) making it a durable and ideal companion on its own or as an insert with your other books.
    the CHEATSHEET Series of music cheat sheets has been created and produced by Ashkan Mashhour.

    Sheet music publishing was well established in theUnited States by the early 19th century. Much of the music wasprinted with engraved plates, although in the 1820s there was a fairamount of music published using the lithographic process. was not very commonuntil the 1840's, when the development of made illustratedtitle pages economically feasible. Engraved and lithographed musiccontinued to be issued throughout the period of this project. It isinteresting to note that many of the Confederate imprints in thiscollection were lithographed - a process that requires less equipmentand materials. Metal was, of course, a commodity required for the warand would have been in very short supply for civilian use. A fineexample of Confederate lithography is Edmond Newmann's lithographed by B. Duncan in Columbia, South Carolina in 1863(left). The period after the Civil War saw a great increase inmusic publishing activity. The allowedpublishers to issue huge numbers of music for mass consumption. Inhis article, "Publishing and printing of music" in the D.W. Krummel suggests that thisperiod could be called the "age of parlor music." Significant numbersof sheet music continued to be issued in the twentieth century,centering around the area of Manhattan known as "Tin pan alley." Thesheer number of "hits" emanating from publishers such as Leo Feist,T.B. Harms, Irving Berlin, Shapiro & Bernstein, Von Tilzer andM. Witmark is remarkable. Sheet music became so popular that it waseven issued as .

  • With the rise of parlor music in the 1860's came arealization on the part of music publishers of the commercial value ofprinting advertising on the otherwise blank pages of music. Catalogsof songs and music were sometimes printed on earlier publications (seeSchreiner's catalog in ), but by the end of thenineteenth century lists of songs with melodies (see ) orentire pages reproduced for the user to "try over on your piano" became standard(see ). Companies even issued series of sheetmusic to help advertise their products, notably the Emerson DrugCompany's promotion of . During World War Ipublishers even promoted the war effort by using the margins of themusic for such slogans as "Food will win the war, don't waste it" (see ).

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