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  • Now you've started to consider the teaching and learning benefits that MyAccountingLab could offer, and how it might satisfy faculty or institutional expectations, your next step is to clarify how it supports your course objectives. Your courses will include specific learning objectives that your students need to achieve to be successful. These may be implicit or explicit, and they may have been written by you or inherited from the academic who is running, or used to run, the course. In any case, you need to be clear which ones could be met appropriately by using MyAccountingLab.

    The following Level 4 descriptors, taken from Gosling, D., & Moon, J. (2001), . London: SEEC give an example of the sorts of learning outcomes that might be achieved using MyAccountingLab.

  • About MY Accounting Lab: To complete the requirements of this course you must have access to MY Accounting Lab. My Accounting Lab is a web-based application that assists you in mastering financial accounting. Packaged with your course materials is a registration card with a code that allows you to register for the class in MyAccountinLab. This is the web address or MyAccountingLab: After you register to use MyAccountingLab, you will find useful aids to help you succeed in the course. During the semester, many of your homework assignments will be completed using MyAccountingLab. You can access and register to use MyAccountingLab by going to : You might want to bookmark this URL. Our class Code is 76335

    In some MyAccountingLabs, questions are already mapped to pre-defined learning objectives supporting you in creating formative quizzes or tests for your students that match your course coverage.

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  • There are a number of ways in which MyAccountingLab can be used successfully to support teaching and learning. The key to success is to be clear as to why you’re using MyAccountingLab and what specific challenges or needs you want to address. If this is your first time using MyAccountingLab or a similar online teaching and learning tool, our advice is to start small: for example, set up a small number of assignments before the module starts for your students to access, track their progress and achievement and solicit their feedback as to how helpful they found it. Reflect on the experience, how it has helped support your modular learning objectives and what you would do differently next time. This way, you can build your confidence and start to demonstrate success to other members of your department before implementing it differently for the next module.

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Figure 3 identifies MyAccountingLab Dynamic Study Module completion rates which were analyzed to determine if a relationship exists between assignment completion and average exam grades. Students were placed into two groups based on the average number of Dynamic Study Module assignments they completed. Students who completed more than the average number of skipped Dynamic Study Module assignments earned higher average exam grades than students who skipped more than the average number of assignments.