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My Neighbours House

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  • I Hired a company to cut a tree down in my yard, for what ever reason, the tree falls on my neighbors house, comapny truck said licensed and insured. they are giving her the run around, now she is asking for my homeowners Ins. Am i resposible?

    (From Lost at a Minor) If you have 100 reasons why you want to go to Japan, then make this your 101st: a true-to-life My Neighbor Totoro house.

  • This might look like a routine visit from a friend, but this is in fact a robbery. This car entered our neighborhood, drove to the end of the road to look around, they then came back and picked my neighbors house. One man exited the car to snoop around the house. I assume he jimmied the door open and left it unlocked then went back to the car. They then moved their car to the end of the neighborhood, and came back on foot. They entered the house, and stayed inside for about 25 minutes, at which point they walked out with a backpack and briefcase full of stolen items.

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