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mySLU is a central hub for online tools here at Saint Louis University.


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  • This new system is replacing Remedy On Demand and is used by IT staff to submit issues in need of resolution, and by customers to request IT services through mySLU.

    CareerLink, the job and internship database sponsored by Career Services, is now available under "Tools" in mySLU. Students can easily access CareerLink by using their SLU Net ID and password.

  • Before you can use a mySLU Share account, the account owner must set up your Authorized User account. Once this has been done and you have your login information, follow these steps

    Contact your student if you would like to have a mySLU Share account established. They have complete control of the account at all times. Any access issues need to be discussed with them. Please see the frequently asked questions (FAQ).Using a mySLU Share account is a responsibility. The information in the account belongs to the owner of the account (your student) and to Saint Louis University. Authorized Users have been trusted by the account owner as a delegate to access his or her information, including confidential information, and it is your responsibility to protect that information.

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    Bill Payment June 10, 2015
    Financial Aid on MySLU September 23, 2014

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    Students have the option of creating a mySLU Share account. This account allows a person to access certain records a student has authorized for release. For example, a student may choose to release their financial aid or grades to a third party.

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Users logging into mySLU for the first time need 2 items; their SLU Net ID and their SLU Banner ID. Both of these items will be listed on the top right corner of your Scholarship/Financial Aid Award Notification.