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Natalia Tena of Molotov Jukebox

When not traveling for her music concerts of acting gigs, Natalia Tena lives in London, England.
10,000 KM (English Subtitled)
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- Natalia Tena on why Brienne of Tarth is her favourite GoT character
Ways To Live Forever
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Natalia Tena and Oona Chaplin at the Glamour Awards

Tonight You're Mine

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  • Last weekend (18/19 December) in France at Paris – La Maison Internationale – there was the convention : Magic Christmas. During the event, on Saturday evening, many French fans danced The PotterDance (choreography by Arnaud Salette the Ambassador for Lyon town). During this dance, Natalia Tena danced with all Harry Potter Fans.
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    The role of Osha the Wildling isn’t exactly huge, but she still got through almost two full seasons without getting naked for the pervy producers. That all changed in the sixth episode of the second season, when we get a glorious eyeful of Natalia Tena nude as she disrobes, revealing her perky breasts and shaved snatch. If you’re wondering where you recognize her from, she had the role of Nymphadora Tonks in a few of the Harry Potter films. Audiences outside of the UK probably won’t know her for anything else – God knows I don’t – but her nude scene in Game of Thrones certainly made her a good bit more famous.

  • There’s a bit under two minutes of footage of Natalia Tena naked in this episode, split between two scenes. In the first, she seduces “Prince” Greyjoy by taking off her ragged robe (which, honestly, wasn’t even covering that much to begin with). This includes a nice, long full-frontal shot of Natalia Tena nude. The camera then pulls in a bit, giving us a closer look at her melons while she and Greyjoy banter. The second scene is about a minute after the end of the first, and features her getting out of bed after a presumed night of savage sex.

    If fairness, we’re not shown an actual Natalia Tena sex scene, but there’s enough nudity to make up for that. Sadly, this episode features the first and last we see of Natalia Tena nude, but if the gods are merciful, we’ll get a few more decent nude scenes out of her in the upcoming third season. This post is part of the , along with every other bald cooter from the show. Caps and clip of the Natalia Tena nude scene are available below in gorgeous 1080p resolution straight from the blu-ray. to keep up with new posts as they arrive, and enjoy!

    Natalia Tena
    Tena in 2012
    Born Natalia Gastiain Tena
    (1984-11-01) 1 November 1984 (age 31)
    London, England, UK
    Nationality British, Spanish
    Education Bedales School
    Occupation Actress, musician
    Years active 2001–present

  • Photos of Natalia Tena, among Hollywood's hottest women. Natalia Tena is a British actress and musician best known for her role as Nymphadora Tonks in the . Since 2011, she has played the wildling Osha on the HBO series . In 2003, Tena played Ellie in the dramedy About a Boy alongside .

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Full Name / Real Name: Natalia Gastiain Tena

Natalia Tena wearing a low-cut bodice with part of her right nipple popping out as she talks to a guy and then notices another guy who is sitting with Christina Ricci. Natalia comes over and talks to the guy, prompting Christina to get angry and walk away. From .