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National Book Award Winner in 1991.

Ordinary Grace

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  • The JBC has compiled a list of all National Jewish Book Award winners from the award's inception in 1949 to the present day. Click on a column header to sort by that column. To view winner and finalist lists from recent years, click .

    The blog ran in 2009 from July 7th to September 21st, starting with Nelson Algren’s The Man With the Golden Arm, ending with Peter Matthiessen’s Shadow Country, and including works by Ralph Ellison, Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, Flannery O’Connor, Eudora Welty, and Alice McDermott. Readers discovered lesser known but equally talented National Book Award Fiction Winners such as Conrad Richter, Wright Morris, and Robb Forman Dew. On September 21st, readers had the chance to select The Best of the National Book Awards Fiction and win two tickets to the 2009 National Book Awards, the first time in its history the Awards were opened to a public vote.

  • In poetry, a newcomer took home the honor: Robin Coste Lewis, for her debut collection, Voyage of the Sable Venus and Other Poems. She beat out a field of nominees that boasted a previous National Book Award winner (Terrance Hayes, in 2010) — and she did so with a book she published even while studying for her Ph.D.

    Five of the seventeen medalists through 2004 were (Bellow, Welty, McCullough, Updike, and Roth, all but McCullough for fiction). Between 2005 and 2014, all of the medalists except Leonard have been previous National Book Award winners.

    1992 National Book Award Winners and Finalists

  • 1993 National Book Award Winners and Finalists

    Michael, our fiction editor, talked five smart writers—Alexander Chee, John McNally, Keith Lee Morris, Leah Stewart, and Justin Tussing—into reassessing the 1961 National Book Award for fiction. There’s no medal or cash prize to hand out, but we have a winner. To find out which book won, and to read our judges’ essays on the five finalists, you’ll have to get your hands on our summer issue, available in May. But here’s a hint: The Waters of Kronos by Conrad Richter, the actual 1961 National Book Award winner, didn’t even come close.

2002 National Book Award Winner - Poetry

2012 National Book Award Winner. A Native American family and community nearly undone by a brutal attack on a wife and mother. 13 yr old Joe and his 3 friends set out to find the attacker. A coming of age story and insight into reservation living and history.