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We Need to talk About Kevin
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We Need To Talk About Kevin is a brooding, unnerving but wholly rewarding film.

We Need to Talk About Kevin tie-in: A Novel

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  • She receives little support from her husband who refuses to believethat his son has severe emotional problems, but instead questions hiswife's sanity. Instead of confronting the issues, Franklin ignoresthem, giving Kevin a toy bow-and-arrow set and later a high-poweredbow, without any consideration of how they might be used. The father'slack of understanding prevents Kevin from being disciplined in the waythat he should and there is no discussion of counseling with teachersor support groups, or professional therapy when it is obviously badlyneeded. Though the film's title is We Need to Talk about Kevin,apparently nobody thinks that that might be a good idea.

    | How do you know when it's time for your loved one to limit or stop driving? It’s a tough subject for most families, but it's a serious matter. Now there's help. AARP offers a free online seminar called We Need to Talk that will help you determine how to assess your loved ones’ driving skills and provide tools to help you have this important conversation. And since it's online, you can set your own pace.

  • While We Need to Talk about Kevin is an engaging and often grippingfilm that offers outstanding performances by Swinton and Miller, it istorn between being an exploitative horror film and a psychologicalfamily drama and ends up not being very successful at either. Marred byits inability to decide whether to blame ineffective parenting forKevin's behavior or to blame the fact that he was just born "evil," thefilm takes no stand at all, apparently throwing up its hands andsaying, sometimes "bad" things happen for no reason, a dubious premise.

    Based on a novel by Lionel Shriver and co-written by Ramsay and RoryStewart Kinnear, We Need to Talk about Kevin builds a fracturednarrative told from the point of view of Kevin's mother EvaKhatchadourian (Tilda Swinton), a former big-city dweller who loved totravel and write books until she became a mother. Unfolding as if in afevered dream and told in a stream of flashbacks and flash forwards, anow depressed and solitary Eva looks back at key emotional trippingpoints along her son's destructive journey.

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    According to journalist Chris Hedges, "Those who cannot love arespiritually and emotionally dead. They affirm themselves throughdestruction, first of others, and then, finally, of themselves. Thoseincapable of love never live." This emotional deadness and inability toempathize with others is reflected in fifteen-year-old Kevin (EzraMiller) in Lynne Ramsay's first film in nine years, We Need to Talkabout Kevin, the chilling story of a sociopathic teenager who commits ahorrendous crime (not explicitly shown), one for which his mother mustendure the anger and resentment of the community.

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We Need to Talk: Conversations for Healing & Change - In June 2015 on the heels of the shooting at Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, SC, MeckMin began hosting a series of conversations designed to give the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community a space to talk, grieve, process, and create ideas for change.