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The New Scientist has now hit back by including a link to the paper as a PDF file:

New Tools for Social Scientsts: Advances and Applications in Research Methods

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  • In the end, the article that outlines the EMDrive is nothing but a hope for the optimistic outlook on how perceived ideas on the nature of mechanics and physics that have sat around collecting dust are now being used for a perceived benefit. A lot of people here seem to miss the context and the perspective by which this article was written. While the author of this plea, Mr. Baez, is factually correct about the Conservation of Momentum, even he makes the admitted notion that New Scientist is of a benefit of explaining the abstractions of science into laymans or near laymans terms.

    New Scientist has been publishing occasional crackpot articles as long as I have been reading it (20 years and counting). It has always been thus, and it has nothing to do with declining science literacy or rising demands for sensationalism. The editors there consider publishing such tripe part of their mandate–both to entertain their readers with news of the weird, and to tweak the stuffy, mainstream science boffins.

  • Am no scientist and have absolutely no idea what you lot talk about on this blog, but I do know one thing for certain, New Scientist would be better of called “The Black Hole” because they only contain half a story as well!

    Now, I would postulate to a lot of you here that, this really should be the goal of New Scientist overall. Okay, so one article seems to not have the staying power that would be rooted in scientific fact and might be crossing the line into science fiction, but another thing that is neglected here, is that this article was written by someone who is presenting a rather complicated piece of physics to the average person who is trying to understand the nature of what is really happening in this device. Taking the abstract and congealing it into a savory story of something that many people would think that is fantastic in nature.

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  • Cover of the Jan. 17, 2009 issue of New Scientist

    A New Scientist cover article featuring the research of Craig Hogan, Fermilab's head of the Center for Particle Astrophysics, has become the publication's most popular news story ever. The article, which features Hogan's possible solution to a problem plaguing the GEO600 experiment, received one third of all traffic to New Scientist's Web site on Friday.

    Craig Hogan

    According to the article, Hogan believes that the German-British gravitational wave detector has discovered the fundamental limit of space-time. If he's right, the results could mean that we actually live in a giant cosmic hologram.

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    Hi, I keep getting fooled into buying New Scientist, thinking there is a great article to read (probably because of the glossy pictures, and the great first few words); only to be disappointed by what is in there.

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Notable exceptions are New Scientist, The Economist and National Geographic, which cost 1.85 times, 2.23 times and 2.36 times more in the Australian online store than in the US store, respectively.