It's Batman versus Bane in this The Dark Knight Rises iPad wallpaper.


The Dark Knight Rises Batman, Bane, Catwoman Wallpapers

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  • Spider Man 3, X-Men: The Last Stand, Blade: Trinity, the third entry in big comic book franchises has usually not turned out that great but The Dark Knight Rises brilliantly closes out Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, even if it doesn’t quite reach the high bar set by The Dark Knight.

    If you are a fan of The Dark Knight Trilogy, you will not be disappointed by The Dark Knight Rises as it ends the trilogy on a high note and brilliantly ties in and wraps up most everything from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight is still, in my opinion, the high point of the trilogy but The Dark Knight Rises is just slightly under it, If you haven’t seen it, go out right now and watch it.

  • Arguably the most anticipated movie of the year, The Dark Knight Rises is the epic conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s brilliant Dark Knight Trilogy, which hit an impossibly high note with The Dark Knight four years ago. Did The Dark Knight Rises live up to the insanely high expectations? The entire Everything Action crew gives you their answer to that question with another Roundhouse Review. (Reviews contain spoilers.)

    The Dark Knight Rises was an outstanding end to what has been the best trilogy I have ever seen.

    The film to me sums up what the batman stands for, the belief that someone can turn their leaf and become better, the belief that the fear that posses a person can be be destroyed or even help that person rise. what Christopher Nolan has given us in The Dark Knight Rises is not a lazy movie, it's a movie that makes the audience think because for me i had to watch the film many times until i have fully understand what has happened, and isn't that what makes a good movie when we have to watch it again and again and again.

    lets move on to the acting and the star man Christian Bale who again amazes me with his portrayal of Bruce Wayne, because even though we don't see a lot of the dark knight i personally am okay with that because i like seeing the real Bruce Wayne dealing with problems without the batman costume. another star man was Tom Hardy as Bane, "scary" yes, "intimidating" yes, "witty" yes and this list can go on. the thing that tipped it was that we can only see his eyes, to me he was only acting with his menacing eyes that just captivates any audience. Anne Hathaway as catwomen was a perfect cast as she brings the zing to the film, she's elegant and yet sexy at the same time, which was perfect casting. perfect casting all round including obviously Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Blake (robin).

    The Dark Knight Rises give audiences nearly three hours of pure excitement, for me i wanted it to continue for another three hours, the film was so good i had to watch the next day because it had every element of what makes a good batman film, such as the villain (bane) because he was the physical match for batman not like the other phenomenal batman films which was more psychotic villains. a good love story that doesn't bore the audience and a great ending.

    overall this was the ultimate ending to an ultimate trilogy which is a must watch. once again Christopher Nolan has done something special.

    The Dark Knight Rises
    General Information
    Directed by: Christopher Nolan
    Produced by: Emma Thomas
    Christopher Nolan
    Charles Roven
    Written by: Characters:
    Bob Kane
    Bill Finger (uncredited)
    Christopher Nolan
    David S. Goyer
    Jonathan Nolan
    Christopher Nolan
    Music by: Hans Zimmer
    Release Date: July 20 2012
    Duration: 165 mins
    Budget: $250,000,000
    Gross Revenue: $1,081,041,287
    Previous Film: The Dark Knight
    Next Film: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (different franchise)

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    Films:   Batman Begins  • The Dark Knight  • The Dark Knight Rises

    It’s been seven years since Christian Bale swooped in as the Caped Crusader and director Christopher Nolan has been able to wipe away any bad taste left by previous Bat-films. Gone are the Dayglo nightmare, toy commercial visions of Gotham, the Bat-credit card, and Arnold with his ice puns (personally I couldn’t get enough). What replaced it was a sprawling, dingy cityscape, like the child of the worst parts of New York City, Chicago, and Detroit. Audiences embraced Nolan’s more mature take on the Dark Knight. Now after two thrilling chapters, Nolan brings his story to a close with The Dark Knight Rises, the most bombastic yet.

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The Dark Knight Rises is unquestionably the film that Batman fans and fans of quality filmmaking alike have been waiting for since the credits rolled at the end of The Dark Knight. Actually, many fans—myself included—have been waiting for this film since a sequel was green-lighted for Batman Begins. And if you want to get really technical, there’s a group of Batman enthusiasts—me again—who have been waiting for a trilogy, or any amount of Batman movies for that matter, that is self-contained and resolves an overarching storyline.