His theories have faded into scientific oblivion.

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That curtain of oblivion without rent or seam sinks again upon the visions of this past of mine.
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Her work was rescued from oblivion when it was rediscovered in the early 1900s.


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  • Welcome to Double Features, my monthly column dedicated to reviewing a current theatrical release in tandem with a similar classic movie available on DVD. April finds me wondering if Oblivion, Tom Cruise’s new sci-fi effort, shares some DNA with Silent Running, a 1972 cult item that also features a lone astronaut going rogue to protect Earth’s diminishing natural resources from a destructive enemy.

    The starkest contrast between Silent Running and Oblivion is that Cruise is less preoccupied with rescuing the planet’s ravaged flora and fauna than piecing together his former identity. It’s a self-obsessed journey told largely in cryptic exchanges with coy characters like Morgan Freeman. The mystery unfolds in your head, but never your heart. And once this stooge has finally figured out he’s supposed to be acting like Tom Cruise in a big-budget Hollywood fantasy, many will have grown impatient for some explosions and requisite action.

  • "Oblivion" is set in the year 2077, 60 years after an alien invasion rendered the Earth largely uninhabitable. Cruise stars as Jack Harper, one of a handful of people left on the planet. The other survivors have long since relocated to Titan. Harper and colleagues remain as technicians, servicing robot drones that defend resource-gathering stations from alien stragglers.

    At best, Silent Running and Oblivion are gentle genre exercises I can only MILDLY RECOMMEND to hardcore science fiction fans thirsting for simple, self-contained stories. Their appeal lies primarily in their visuals. This is a Double Feature that’s easily wiped from the mind, clones of more iconic movies.

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  • Noun1.oblivion - the state of being disregarded or forgotten
    obscurity - an obscure and unimportant standing; not well known; "he worked in obscurity for many years"
    2.oblivion - total forgetfulness; "he sought the great oblivion of sleep"
    forgetfulness - unawareness caused by neglectful or heedless failure to remember; "his forgetfulness increased as he grew older"

    The film's opening stretch is its one strong point — a gradual, immersive build-up of details. It's a smart technique for science-fiction storytelling; it eases the viewer into the world of the film. The problem is that the world "Oblivion" introduces — an abandoned, depopulated Earth — is more interesting than the story it tells. Or, more accurately, the stories it tells, because "Oblivion," derivative to a fault, tries to be several science-fiction movies at once. It tries and it fails.

to be consigned to oblivion (= ) →

Tom Cruise may get his name written large on the poster but the true star of Oblivion (which is available on Blu-Ray and DVD with UltraViolet & Digital Download from the 19 August) is his nippy little run-around, the Bubbleship. We chat to its designer Daniel Simon and reveal some of his fantastic concept art for the striking-looking craft.