(Identical to TEST#6 of the current Official SAT Online Course.)

They are different tests. The Official SAT Study Guide has 10 tests and the Official SAT Online Course has 10 additional, different tests.

The Official SAT Online Course

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  • Our out of the 62,287 students in the 2008 SAT cohort, 27,013 students registered for the SAT Online Course. Of this number, 15,564 students completed a practice test of quiz. Overall, students who utilized the Official SAT Online Course tool increased their SAT scores by an average of 13 points in Critical Reading, 19 points in Mathematics, and 16 points in Writing.

    From this recent data, high school students should recognize the value of studying, and adequately preparing for the SAT. The Official SAT Online Course is a free, valuable, efficient tool students should take advantage of.

  • The Official SAT Online Course features interactive lessons, auto essay scoring, and much more. It’s personalized, comprehensive, easy to use, and available anytime and anywhere. When you buy the Online Course and The Official SAT Study Guide™ together, you will receive $10 off at checkout. The online course includes explanations and auto essay scoring for the Study Guide’s ten practice tests.

    “Nearly 20%of students in the class of 2010 who took the SAT did so for free by utilizing the SAT fee waiver program, and the College Board granted more than $30 million in fee waivers and related services to qualifying students in the class of 2010,” she says. “Students who qualify for the SAT fee waiver program receive a discount on The Official SAT Online Course.”

  • Since 2005, the state of Georgia has been partnered with the College Board to bring The Official SAT Online Course to all Georgia high school students. The SAT Online Course provides tips, reviews, and quizzes for all areas of the SAT – including full-length, timed practice tests comparable to the actual SAT. Since exposing Georgia high school students to this helpful Online Course, encouraging data has been gathered from the number of students who take advantage of the SAT Online Course, and their actual SAT scores.

Official SAT Online Course Registration Instructions

Also, use these after you have exhausted the official practice tests in the Official SAT study guide(11 tests), and the 10 tests in the Official SAT Online Course. If you don't want to pay for the Online SAT course from College board, then use these after completing the Official SAT study guide.