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Oh! Nuts Holiday Freshly Roasted Nuts Gift Basket (Jumbo Nuts Gift Tray)

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    Doesn't have a strong Marshmallow taste to me but its still a nice vape. Like D'oh Nuts and Pebbles Donut, I get a light sweetened and condensed milk flavor. It is a sweet and creamy e-juice with no throat hit at 3mg nicotine. Even though my taste buds aren't picking up a lot of Marshmallow, I still like it a lot. At the current price it won't be a staple in my e-juice cabinet, but one I will purchase again at some point down the road.

  • “Oh Nuts!” Magnetic Lock... Your Going To Like This. Using The Principles Of Ed Leedskalnin PMH. Must Watch And Try… Amazing…

    SAFETY FIRST!!!!! Extremely Dangerous Experiment, I hold no responsibility for your actions!!!!! DEAD SHORTING A BATTERY IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!!! BE CAREFUL!!!!

    This information is now in the public domain... keep it that way!!!

    This is an extremely easy thing for anyone to play with and open there thoughts and ideas to the possibilities to this principal of the Perpetual motion holder.

    I have my own theory’s and stuff but I’m open to others thoughts so please post your thoughts here on the forums:

    You can see the other work I have done on this principal here:

    Manny Blessings To you All!

    Don't for get to give credit where credit is due!!!! ( thanks Jerry for placing the seed in my head that grew in to this experiment)

    ~Russ Gries

    Oh Nuts offers a large assortment of snacks and treats for all tastes, including many different kinds and flavors of nuts for affordable prices.

    The picture shows (smaller than actual size) what the game board will look like when put together.

    This is a fun game for 2 or more players.  There are "acorn" spaces along the game path which coincide with the oh nuts! obstacle cards, which make up about 1/4 of the total number of cards.  When one of these cards is drawn from the pile, the player moves back to the previous closest acorn space.  The skill cards included with the game drill simple addition, telling time, and counting money.  The first player to get from the squirrel to the tree wins!

    I have to be sure to point out that the basic idea for the "Oh Nuts!" game is not mine, but the graphics, cards and directions are my artwork.  I have also modified it for a "Jump the Tracks" game (see my index).  I want to thank Mary Peterson (the Games Lady) and the loopies on her GamesForLearning YahooGroups list for their wonderful ideas and tips.

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    Oh Nuts was started in 1992 with a mission to eliminate the middle-man from the manufacturer/consumer relationship. Oh Nuts allows customers to make completely customized orders, so you can dictate the type of nuts, flavors, and size of package. Customers love customization, and this innovative personalized sales process has helped Oh Nuts shoot to the top of the snack distribution industry. Save on customized snacks when you use Oh Nuts coupons.

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