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    I’ve been an Oracle geek a long time, I’ve been certified since Oracle 8 days. Recently I haven’t kept up with these like I should, so I decided to freshen my certification up before Oracle retired the upgrade exams. I’m a current Oracle 9i Database Administrator Oracle Certified Professional (DBA OCP), so to get Oracle 10g DBA OCP all I need is to pass the .

  • This database dictionary DBA reference poster has the most important Oracle10g DBA views. It also contains the most important data columns with each Oracle DBA view so you can see the most important column values for your Oracle data dictionary query.:

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    Guest More than 1 year ago
    I have been working with the Oracle RDBMS since 1986 (previously I worked for Oracle Corporation directly as a technical consultant). I have relied for years on Oracle Press books for quality reference materials. As a case in point, I have the Oracle8i DBA Handbook from Oracle Press and it is nothing short of a superb reference for DBA work. That is NOT the case with the Oracle Database 10g DBA Handbook from Oracle Press. Be advised that this book is thin and is so lacking in the most fundamental elements necessary for an Oracle DBA that I cannot even begin to list its limitations. I bought this book 'site unseen' which is something I never normally do with technical books solely off my experience using the Oracle Press Oracle8i DBA handbook. I now have to look for another Oracle 10g DBA reference to replace this totally useless book. Believe me, I won't get fooled again.

  • * Understand OCA concepts.

    * Learn Oracle 10g RMAN.

    * Employ Database Recovery.

    * Use Oracle Automation Utilities.

    * Understand Oracle10g DBA Monitoring & Management.


    The primary goal is this course is to prepare the students to pass the Oracle10g OCP Database Administration exam 2, test 1Z1-043

    This Oracle10g OCP course is an intensive 5-day course is designed to provide Oracle professionals with an in-depth understanding of the DBA concepts and knowledge required for the Oracle10g OCP exam, and tips and techniques for passing the Oracle10g OCP exam.

    This course covers all of the Oracle10g Database Administration topics on the OCP exam including globalization, RMAN, database recovery with flashback and uaing the Oracle automation utilities such as AMM and ASM.

    exercises are used to demonstrate each feature and the student will gain first-hand experience in the key Oracle DBA concepts required to pass the Oracle10g OCP exam.  In addition, this course provides sample OCP exam questions and an opportunity to access your overall knowledge of Oracle DBA concepts.

    This Oracle 10g OCP DBA exam review training is designed for the practicing Oracle professional but it is useful to anyone interested in learning Oracle 10g database administration.  This includes Oracle developers, Oracle DBAs, Oracle web developers and any computer professional who needs to understand the architecture of an Oracle database.  The course assumes a basic knowledge of computer programming techniques, relational database concepts, SQL, and basic Oracle architecture.

    Also Note prerequisite training for Oracle10g OCA exam.

    Oracle 10g is a new version of database management system. XPERT INFOTECH provides oracle 10g dba training according to the current requirement of IT industry. The Oracle Database 10g is a relational database management system (RDBMS) produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. The specialty of this new version is the inclusion of grid computing capability, represented by `g` in the name 10g. The term 10g DBA is often used for 10g Database Administrator, which represents a person or a group of people responsible for creation and maintenance of an Oracle 10g Database. Oracle Corporation offers a certification programme for DBAs under which a DBA can appear for an examination to test his DBA skills.

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