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WOW! i didn't know there wass that many other words for said!! thanx man, this can definatly help me wiv my story writing. :D
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Comprehensive list of synonyms for retarded, related words for retarded. and other words for retarded by Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus

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  • Other words for ‘get’ include: fetch, appropriate, hook, amass, achieve, draw up, build up, garner, bring in, get mitts on, hold, land, build up, net gain, conduct, receive, pick up, bag, grab, retrieve, regain, achieve, assemble, derive, win back, claw back, recover, learn, envisage, take back, swing, arrest, earn, trace, score, acquire, nab, redeem, capture, seize, reclaim, recoup, get hands on, develop, be sent, grasp, procure, acquire, collect, gather, ferry, usher, secure, purchase, transport, escort, buy, deliver, obtain, come by, win, lead and earn.

    An A4 poster card for tables in a classroom which allows children to choose from a vast amount of other words for said. Words are in alphabetical order.

  • I think you've missed the point, Titan. The idea of the article is to explain that OTHER words for said should RARELY be used. Said, is a little word that disappears to most readers - unless of course they are also writers searching text for alternatives...

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We wrote some example sentences using other words for said