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  • Paulette Goddard talent was underestimated while alive (though appreciated to have been offered all her films) and judging by this article even now in death.
    She gave many good performances, holding here own with the top stars of the day. Her comedy timing was excellent example...The Women opposite a gaggle of the best female Hollywood film stars and still able to stand out. Here roles in serious films were also very good performances way above the average.
    She DESERVES her star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame....probably more than many of the others.

    Selznick was pleased with Goddard's performances, particularly her work in , and considered her for the role of . Initial convinced the director and him that Goddard would require coaching to be effective in the role, but that she showed promise, and she was the first actress given a screen test. Russell Birdwell, the head of Selznick's publicity department, had strong misgivings about Goddard. He warned Selznick of the "tremendous avalanche of criticism that will befall us and the picture should Paulette be given this part ... I have never known a woman, intent on a career dependent upon her popularity with the masses, to hold and live such an insane and absurd attitude towards the press and her fellow man as does Paulette Goddard ... Briefly, I think she is dynamite that will explode in our very faces if she is given the part." Selznick remained interested in Goddard and after he had been introduced to , he wrote to his wife that Leigh was a "dark horse" and that his choice had "narrowed down to Paulette, , , and Vivien Leigh".

  • In 1926, she made her stage debut as a dancer in Ziegfeld's summer review, , which was also the first time that she used the stage name Paulette Goddard. Ziegfeld hired her for another musical, , which opened in February 1927, but she left the show after only three weeks to appear in the play , produced by . It was, however, a flop and closed after only three days following its premiere in .

    Paulette Goddard (June 3, 1910 – April 23, 1990) was an American actress. A child fashion model and a performer in several Broadway productions as a , she became a major star of the in the 1940s. Her most notable films were her first major role, as 's leading lady in , and Chaplin's subsequent film . She was nominated for an for her performance in (1943). Her husbands included Chaplin, , and .

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    Paulette Goddard died April 23, 1990 in Ronco sopra Ascona, Switzerland after a short illness (reportedly emphysema) several months before her 80th birthday. She is buried in Ronco cemetery, next to her late husband Erich Maria Remarque and her mother Alta Mae.

Paulette Goddard in a scene from “An Ideal Husband” (1947)

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