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The Secret History of the Pink Carnation

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  • Petals: Pink carnations have petals that have scallops on the edges. This gives the whole look of the carnation a more ruffled up appearance. Depending on how many petals there are in one bud, the flower looks more puffy and vibrant.

    Aside from being a symbol for being unforgettable, these flowers best describes a mother’s pure love. It all started with the Christian legend about Mary and Jesus. At the time that Jesus was carrying the cross, Mary cried. Wherever her tears fell, pink carnations sprung up. From that time on, pink carnations became a symbol of a mother’s undying and unending love for her children. That’s why on Mother’s Day, pink carnations are given to moms everywhere as a symbol of thanks and appreciation.

  • Color: The petals of a pink carnation vary from light to dark shades. Mix and match these shades of blossoms for one bouquet to show your love for your mom or someone that you’ll never forget. Keep in mind that a darker shade is an expression of deeper feeling of love, gratitude and admiration

    Superstitions: Pink carnations have something to do with fortune. As a way to tell a young girl’s fortune, young Korean women wore three pink carnations on their hair. Lined up on the side of a girl’s hair, it means that the girl was going to have a life of misery if the carnation on the bottom died first. If it’s the top most carnation went on to die first, it means that the girl’s last years of life would be hard. And if it was the middle flower that died out first among the three, this means a girl’s earlier years would be difficult but will have a long and fruitful life.

    harstan More than 1 year ago
    Harvard graduate student Eloise Kelly is writing her thesis on the early nineteenth century dashingly romantic English spies the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Purple Gentian, and especially the Pink Carnation. The first two were unmasked by Napoleon¿s agents as Sir Percy Blakeney and Lord Richard Selwick, but the identity of the Pink Carnation never was revealed. Eloise receives a grant to research her dissertation in England, so she ends her relationship with her boyfriend made easier when she caught him in the cloakroom with an art historian major.--- Eloise believes that the Pink Carnation is somehow related to the Selwick family of the Purple Gentian fame. She visits Mrs. Arabella Selwick-Alderly at Selwick Hall, who provides her with access to a large trunk filled with family letters from the Napoleonic era. Arabella suggests that Eloise start with the intriguing account of Amy Balcourt on a trip to Paris in 1803 where she meets Richard Selwick. As Amy and Richard play spy counter spy they share in common efforts to keep Napoleon from invading England and a growing attraction. Meanwhile in the present, Eloise plays historical spy counterspy with Colin Selwick, but where this romance will go only time will tell.--- This entreating tale occurs in two time periods with the brunt of the story line happening in the early nineteenth century. Readers will enjoy the Regency era gender battle between two fine protagonists yet also appreciate that this is being fed to the audience via present day characters in a chick lit setting. Though how easily she attains the letters seem odd as no outsider had access before, the dual themes merge into a finely blended fabulous romance.--- Harriet Klausner

  • MADreaderMD More than 1 year ago
    This was a fun spin-off of the Scarlet Pimpernel story and a great beginning to the Pink Carnation series. I like stories set during the Napoleonic era with spies and adventure. There's also romance going on in the historical era and potential for romance in the modern-day part of the book.

    Number of Petals: Carnations can have a great number of petals on it. The least number of petals a pink carnation can have is five but if it has double flowers in one blossom, it can have as much as 40 petals.

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