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Pizza Night (Williams-Sonoma)

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  • With The Great Chicago-Style Pizza Cookbook you can bring the pizza capital of the world into your own kitchen and make Chicago-style pizza like you've never tasted before.

    The pizza cookbook is loaded with over 100 pages of methods, equipment and recipes, in full color photography! As the name says, it covers pizza for every day to gourmet. This is a must-have recipe book for every pizza lover!

  • Although I am an engineer by trade, pizza making is my passion. Each year I go through hundreds of pounds of flour, sharing my pizzas with friends and family, while accumulating valuable feedback on each new recipe. My inspiration to write this book was the lack of availability of an adequate pizza cookbook; I've yet to see a cookbook on the market that contains even the basic fundamentals about making professional quality pizza. In 1686, Sir Isaac Newton presented his three fundamental laws of motion: A body in motion tends to stay in motion, the acceleration of a body is proportional to the force acting on it, and to every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.

    The Great Chicago-Style Pizza Cookbook reveals Chicago's authentic pizza recipes, complete with all the toppings, seasonings, and baking instructions you'll need to turn out the real thing in your own kitchen. While Chicago's pizza-in-the-pan is its most famous dish, this cookbook offers a host of other popular renditions also served at the more than 2,000 pizza parlors around town, including stuffed, thin crust, medium crust, whole wheat, Italian bakery, Sardinian, pesto, and more. You'll discover the secrets of using the best equipment and ingredients, and you'll learn proper baking techniques, all of which are fully illustrated.

    The Italian Pizza Cookbook - Delicious & Tasty Home-Made Pizza Recipes

    By Jennifer James

    Paperback / softback (USA), August 2014
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pizza stone cookbook from Williams-Sonoma

What better way to reference your pizza recipe roadblock than an entire pizza cookbook, shaped like a pizza? That's right, the true-to-size pizza cookbook comes complete with tips and tricks on how to make over 50 different types of pizza.