Distribution of the population of Mars by age in 2007 :

Population of Mars from 1968 to 2007 :

- Population de Mars en 1982 : 244 habitants

- Population de Mars en 1975 : 295 habitants

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  • Another thing that is a trade mark of human psychology is the desire to conquer. We are greedy, we want land along with everything it has to offer. Combine this with the fact that we will soon cram like canned fish if don’t stop breeding and building like crazy and you get our latest big idea to save humanity – populate Mars.

    Once the techniques have been mastered that will allow the support of a large population on Mars out of indigenous resources, the settlement of Mars can begin. The primary purpose of this phase is simply to populate Mars, creating a new branch of human civilization there with exponentially growing capabilities to transform the Red Planet.

  • According to the Los Angeles Times, Space X founder Elon Musk is to populate Mars, offering aspiring Martians berth for the low low price of half a million dollars.

    New findings on the possibility of humans populating Mars are likely on their way. On August 6th, after an eight-month flight. Early images made headlines, and prompted NASA scientists to compare the Martian landscape to “portions of the Southwest United States.”

    Historical data of the population of Mars from 1968 to 2007 :

    Population of Mars was 553 inhabitants in 2007, 551 inhabitants in 1999, 533 inhabitants in 1990, 524 inhabitants in 1982, 518 inhabitants in 1975 and 504 inhabitants in 1968.

    This population Census of the town of Mars was made without duplicated data, which means that each Mars resident that have ties to another municipality is counted only once for the two municipalities.

    Population Mars

  • Population of Mars from 1968 to 2007 :

    This curve shows the history of the population of Mars from 1968 to 2007 in cubic interpolation. This provides more precisely the population of the municipality of Mars the years where no census has been taken.

    - Population of Mars in 2007 : 553 inhabitants
    - Population of Mars in 1999 : 551 inhabitants
    - Population of Mars in 1990 : 533 inhabitants
    - Population of Mars in 1982 : 524 inhabitants
    - Population of Mars in 1975 : 518 inhabitants
    - Population of Mars in 1968 : 504 inhabitants

    The Earth is constantly changing but not for the better. Climate change is putting people’s lives at risk, it’s destroying the natural habitat of animals, and it’s destroying our home planet. Nasa is creating a spacecraft named “Orion” that in the near future will be taking a group of four astronauts and scientists to Mars to do research in the red planet and hopefully in the future we will be populating the planet for the right reasons. The reason why many people want to populate Mars is because we all know that our home planet will end with no life if we continue to pollute it. So people see Mars as an escape route from Earth instead as a way of improvement. We must populate Mars to improve not to escape.

- Population de Mars de 45 à 59 ans : 34 habitants

Global warming changes everything in earth, but going to another planet to let earth die off is not the best option. We have to be responsible and create new technologies for better source of energy and cleaner air. We can not go and populate Mars because earth is dying off and it’s worthless to us, we have to populate Mars to have better chances of human survival, not to save us from our mistakes.