Prayer for Holy Love and Humility

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The Quantum Prayer: An Inspiring Guide to Love, Healing, and Creating the Best Life Possible

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  • Today I woke up
    And said a prayer for you
    I prayed that you'd forgive me
    For all the stupid things I do

    I prayed for a love to find you
    A love so pure and true
    A love that will never die
    Like the love I feel for you

    I said a prayer for the ones you love
    And the ones that love you
    I prayed that you'd see the sky
    In all it's beautiful blue

    A prayer in my mind
    A prayer in the air
    A prayer soaring up
    without a care

    I made up my mind to say a prayer
    Each and every day
    A prayer that you'd find happiness
    in every single way.

    Dearest St. Anne,
    I pray for a loving, faithful husband. I pray that my relationship with V prosper, bloom into a strong, healthy relationship. And that I become a loving and faithful wife to him. I pray for love and belongingness.
    Jesus and Mama Mary, hear our prayer.

  • As a virtue, LOVE tops the the list. “So, faith, hope, and love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love” (1Corinthians 13:13). We invite you to download a Prayer for Love and share it in your parish or home.

    Thank you for the reminders and encouragements about praying and how to pray for my love life. I have met someone that I am interested in. I don’t know if he knows. Because I am a very emotional person and get easily influenced by feelings, I felt that I need to take this time period to pray to God about this guy and to see if this is the man God has for me as a spouse. Because I know who I am and how I function, I want to take the time to pray to God in this area. It is learning to trust in God in whatever issues He wants to bring up and for me to deal with so that when I do date, I will not be jealous about whoever is around or whatever insecurities I may have.
    Thank you again for these timely words.

    Prayer for continuous love
    by: Anonymous

    Dear God,

    I have always wanted to have the one…the partner that will love me, support me, and care for me no matter what. I am blessed to have found him 2 and a half years ago, and I am so grateful you put him in my life.
    I have prayed about it multiple times, and I have asked for signs that this was right. I am confident that this is the right relationship and that he is the one for me. I love him so much, and he loves me. But how can I be so confident that he is the one for me, so confident that he is my future husband, while he says he loves me but is not sure that we are meant to be?

    Please Lord, fill his heart with love and don't allow evil to try to destroy our beautiful relationship. We are best friends, we take care of each other, and we make each other so happy. Please let it always be like this.

    Thank you God, for always being by my side. Thank you for always listening to me and always showing your presence somehow. I love you Lord. Amen.

  • I Am Open To Love Him Unconditionally
    by: My Future

    Dear God I Want Masone Yo Know How Much I Love And Adore His Love And Company. I Want Is To One Day Come Together And Get To Know The Lord More intermently, So that We Can One Day Join Hands On Marriage. Please Pray For Us Love Ms. Soon To Be Dickerson! AMEN THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYER...

    5. Pray for Love. It’s so important to pray for love. God made us for relationships; we’re wired that way. But rather than be so consumed with finding love, I would have asked God to help me experience more of his love. What I didn’t know then is that knowing God’s love is the greatest way to understand earthly love - and to learn to love yourself. There is so much I could have learned about love as a single, by allowing God’s unconditional love to penetrate my life and my relationships. I would have asked him to help me receive more of his love in my life, because at the end of the day, the definition of true love can only begin there.

The Prayer for Love & Contentment ♥

Please pray for love of my life Benny should come back to me, give me call and unblock me from FB.O God, Please help us to keep our relation till end …