Prodigy is a new way to play without any keyboard, mouse or joypad.

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prodigy likewise is relatively common in mathematics and the sciences.
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He is truly a prodigy of a man, and, so far as to-day is concerned, an anachronism.

Prodigy (Legend)

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  • , a child who, by about age 10, performs at the level of a highly trained adult in a particular sphere of activity or knowledge. In this sense, neither high intelligence nor eccentric skills by themselves qualify a child as a prodigy. Rather, it is the capacity to perform in a recognized area of endeavour in such a way as to receive broad acclaim that defines the prodigy. Therefore, individuals who are chess prodigies or “lightning calculators” (those who have a remarkable for figures) but who are otherwise mentally or developmentally disabled (such as “”) are not prodigies.

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In some cases prodigies are both born and made; they can be born with retentive memories and a quality of that enables them to relate and organize experiences, and they can be made in the sense that they receive opportunities and rewards of special practice, instruction, or training. Some, however, achieve a superior level of performance without help or even in spite of adversity—, for example, constructed a geometry of his own, although his father deprived him of mathematical books at the age of 11.