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The Fat Of The Land [Explicit]
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Prodigy (Legend)

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  • Great product, easy to install I purchased a Tekonsha Prodigy for my 2009 Ford Ranger Sport. I installed it in a couple of hours by myself following the included guide. I had to do a little homework, the brake switch wire colours (Violet/White)for the 2009+ Rangers are different than the earlier models. I used a digital voltmeter to be sure I was using correct wire from the brake switch. The 2009+ Rangers only come with a factory four wire trailer connector, however the install went flawless following the included directions on additional wires to run to my 7 pin adaptor I bought separately. I saved nearly $100 ordering it through the US with the exchange rate at par on the CDN dollar. I am very satisfied with my purchase and look forward to pulling my new tent trailer. Thanks ETrailer!

    If you let off the brakes gradually, this will follow in turn. When you hit your brakes, if you have one of the boost settings set on it, it will come on. Again it will say like B2, it will come on 25 percent, almost instantly. And then, it will hold that power for a second and then it will revert back to inertia so you have smooth braking until you come to a complete stop. The boost setting is really nice if you want the brake controller to activate the brake, or the truck actually does a lot of its own braking power. It is kind of hard to show the inertia activated on this brake controller but we will try. Basically, we will just move it a little bit, make the pendulum work and you can see how it puts out numbers and goes back to zero once it is stopped. So you are connected and then you hit your brakes and it is saying zero right now because it does not sense anything. And then, when you back up, it will fill up a little bit with numbers and then go back to zero. And there you have it for part number 90185, the Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller.

  • “I love the track,” gushed one fan. “But then again I love The Prodigy so much that I’ll blindly like everything they do, see them at festivals and live in a late 90s time warp where the past cloaks my life like a warm, safe blanket.”

    After the release of the successful "Charly", the charts included various "" rave tracks that contained cartoon samples, to which and -fuelled clubbers would dance, but which did not appeal to reviewers from publications at the time. Examples were tracks such as 's "" and (as in ) "", instigating death-by-publicity to the underground "hardcore rave" scene, according to a number of critics associated with the scene. As a result, "Charly", amid being titled after a contemporary reference to , with its memorable of the "" children's , saw the Prodigy briefly identified by critics as "kiddie rave" or "toytown techno". Critical reception to the single was generally mixed.

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    The Prodigy's first public performance, with Howlett augmented by dancers and , was at the in , London, then home to "Club Labyrinth".

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I have the black prodigy and this Tan one and I never understood why so many dislike serrations. I personally never have any problems with them while using the straight,edge and they can be very handy for,cutting. I love it and the sheath is even better then I expected. I just wish the handle part of,the sheath just had one strap and not 2