Self-publishing 101: How to Self-Publish a Book or Ebook

I am interested in self publishing a poetry book which has 50% photography.

Booklet: Want to Publish Profitably Every Time?

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  • First I have been trying to publish for almost 10 years. Second the pricing you give is so out of the range for a normal writer who wants to publish. Its ridicules the cost you put up, what am I trying to publish a book framed in gold. Check the facts again. This was not helpful and truly very discouraging for a new writer. Your prices are saying that their dream may not come true because they don’t have a lot a money.

    Hi there, there is also another step in the publishing of a book and that is the index. I index books and if it is a non-fiction book then chances are it needs an index in the back. It can cost around $3/page to hire an indexer. this is a nice breakdown of self-publishing and a friend of mine found it and suggested i contribute this tidbit ! best to you

  • Thanks, Mirai. (And thanks for writing this great piece.) I started using the analogy when aspiring self-publishers would ask me how much it costs to publish a book; one day, I casually asked back, “How much does it cost to build a house?” From there, it stuck as my way of explaining the complexities involved and why the costs can add up. I’m glad you added the story of the $100k at the Big Six, which really reinforces the point!

    Lastly, as someone who first self-published in 1987, I have little sympathy those who complain about the costs of putting out a book now. Without even accounting for inflation, the total price of self-publishing a book today is far less than it was only 15 years ago, and even more so than it was 25 years ago. And that’s not even taking into account how much easier it is now.

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  • Writing has become a merciless arena. The pricing of the above article is correct if you go with a company such as Authorhouse however, there are various alternative avenues that are yet to be explored. I publish each book for $2500.00 which includes a video trailer. Heed my advice:

HOW TO PUBLISH A BOOK Many people say they have written something

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a publishing package. A do-it-yourself author can do the same work that these book publishing packages offer for a fraction of the cost. With the advancement of self-publishing and digital book printing technology, self-publishers can now get their book to market quickly and easily by using companies that specialize in technology. Authors can print the quantity they need for a book signing, event, or use POD technology for just in time delivery and inventory control.