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A white pumpkin fairy house with ladder, fit for a very unique family of fairies!

Pippa the Pumpkin Fairy Story Book

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  • And here was my daughter’s text message to me after the contest… she won! So exciting! She brought the winning pumpkin fairy garden back to my studio so I could display it in the window box. Since Halloween was over it was time to take the zombies in anyway.

    Pumpkin Fairy steps lightly on a mushroom. She wears a pumpkin shaped gown and has large fall colored wings. Behind her are orange Chinese Lanterns set against a dark blue sky.

  • Have you heard of the Pumpkin Fairy? Or, the Switch Witch? If you want to discourage your kids from eating all of the unhealthy candy they collect on Halloween night, you might want to start a new family tradition and have the Pumpkin Fairy take their candy in exchange for little toys, trinkets, or other fun stuff.

    A couple weeks ago my daughter asked if I would help her make a pumpkin fairy house. She wanted to enter it into the pumpkin decorating contest where she works. We talked about what it would look like and then we set out to create this darling fairy house for fall!


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  • Last year, my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes so she wasn’t really looking forward to trick or treating until she heard about the Pumpkin Fairy. Why go collect all of that candy if your Mom won’t let you eat most of it, right? Well, we happened to have a diabetes check-up visit before Halloween and her doctor and nurses told her about how the pumpkin fairy visits kids who can’t or don’t want to eat all of their Halloween candy. According to the story, if you leave your candy out for the pumpkin fairy on Halloween night, she will take it and exchange it for something else – money, little toys, etc.

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The pumpkin fairy is also a wonderful idea for those with severe food allergies. We do something similar b/c my child can’t eat much candy due to food allergies. She trades her candy in for a safe candy treat and a little something else (toy, etc). Little sister does it too even though she has no allergies.