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  • As as classics graduate student fellow of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in 1976-77, I had the great good fortune in the spare time I tried hard to create for it to study modern Greek with Richard Burgi and two other students. We three have gone on to productive academic careers infused with his qualities as a teacher and humanist.

    The man at left with the warm and infectious smile is Richard Burgi. in and around Montclair, New Jersey, Richard now makes hishome in Southern California. He's a talented and compelling actor withan extensive and varied in television and film.

  • We four–Burgi made us feel like a quartet of equals in much the same way that Socrates must have drawn into his circle those of his interlocutors who were sympathetic to his manner and craved to share in what he thought and felt–read many poems of Kavafy and Seferis and Ritsos. We read a contemporary Greek play and then went and saw and heard it performed. We read detective novels. We absorbed Richard Burgi’s aquifer-like passion for the Greek language in all its forms from the second millennium BCE to the present.

    My own areas of specialization were the alpha (Mycenaean Greek and the Linear B script) to Burgi’s omega. But I still today can read and appreciate modern Greek poems, newspapers, scholarly articles and most recently and crucially a modern Greek folk song for a scholarly article I just had published in the , because of Richard Burgi. And I believe I read all those texts and process them and speak about them and explicate them with Richard Burgi’s spirit in my soul.

    Richard Burgi
    Character Karl Mayer
    Season(s) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
    Date of Birth July 30, 1958
    Origin Montclair, New Jersey
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  • Date of Birth 30 July 1958Montclair, New Jersey, USA
    Birth NameRichard William Burgi
    Height 6' 2" (1.88 m)

    Modern Greek was being offered at Princeton for the first time when I went to study there in 1980, and there were some fliers up in the Graduate College. Almost on a whim, I went to the first class – and was hooked on Richard Burgi forever :-) So much knowledge, so much personality, so much joie de vivre and interest in his fellow humans: Richard was truly one of most remarkable, gifted and generous individuals I’ve ever known.

Richard Burgi plays Karl, Susan's ex-husband.

This leading man of TV dramas segued from soap operas to star as "The Sentinel" (UPN, 1996-98), a police investigator with heightened senses. Richard Burgi came from a family involved in community theater in suburban Montclair, NJ. He went to New York after high school, where he eventually landed regular roles on Manhattan-based soap operas, notably as the macho Chad Rollo on NBC's "Another World" and the mysterious and murderous Glenn Harrington on CBS' "As the World Turns." Moving west, muscular, dark-haired actor landed the role of Phillip Collier on NBC's "Days of Our Lives" before forsaking daytime for primetime, racking up numerous guest appearances on shows ranging from the sitcoms "Who's the Boss?" and "Empty Nest" to dramas like "Matlock" and "The Flash." He made his TV-movie debut in "Chameleons" (NBC, 1989) and had a more substantial role as an army major in "Danielle Steel's 'Message From Nam'" (NBC, 1993). In series, Burgi had recurring roles on "Jake and the Fatman" (CBS) and on the NBC sci-fi drama "Viper" (NBC, 1993-1994; 1996-1999). His first lead was on the short-lived "One West Waikiki" (CBS, 1994), a police drama about a medical examiner (Cheryl Ladd) and a detective (Burgi) who work together to solve homicide cases in Honolulu.