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DreamWorks’ Dragons: Riders of Berk premieres on Cartoon Network on September 4 at 7:30 p.m.
How to Start a Dragon Academy
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Dragons: Riders Of Berk Vol 1

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  • Dragons: Riders of Berk parts 1 and 2, is now available on DVD. The two-part DVD set is jam-packed with special features that dive deeper into the world of Dragons.

    Do your kids love dragons? If so, you’ll probably want to check out Dragons: Riders of the Berk! Part 1 & 2 were recently released on DVD. *Disclosure: I am a Fox Insider and receive free product from Fox in exchange for sharing their new releases with my readers. No monetary compensation is provided.*

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    If there's something that a grown person has to know while watching animation films is that they are mostly aimed to young audience. So they have to show values. How to train your Dragon was a very beautiful movie, but the series are even better. The steal-strong friendship between Toothless and Hiccup is the most beautiful and encouraging thing ever. The different types of people in their group teach about acceptance and respect between companions, or to oneself, everyone has it's strong and weak point. Partial incapability in not an end, friendship can move mountains and change people's hearts. Time is necessary to make a change, bad people will always exist, but they are never rewarded. If I had kids Riders of Berk would be the series I would make them see ever and ever again.

    For adults there's also entertainment; The landscapes are precious, the jokes funny and the action moments make you hold your breath. It's light and happy, the perfect series for enlighten your mood and believe in magic again.

    DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk Part 2 DVD
    Street Date:July 23, 2013
    Screen Format:Widescreen 1.78:1
    Audio:English 5.1 Dolby Digital
    Total Run Time:255 minutes
    Closed Captioned:Yes

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    Hiccup and Astrid

    Dragons: Riders of Berk takes us from the point where the movie left us wanting more, it now takes us into the world of The Dragon Academy where Hiccup and his friends begin theirs and the dragons training. The dragons have become accustomed to the vikings and... well they just want to have fun. Fun for a dragon means headaches for the vikings, the dragons like to scare the other animals and breathe fire on just about anything else, after all... dragons just like to have fun. Stoick, father of Hiccup has declared that Hiccup start an academy for training the unruly dragons, thus the beginning of Dragons: Riders of Berk.

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Riders of Berk show runners Art Brown (The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, Power Rangers Ninja Storm) and Douglas Sloan (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers) worked closely with the movie’s creators Sanders, DeBlois and producer Bonnie Arnold and the book series’ author Cressida Cowell to stay close to the heart and soul of the characters as well as the tone of the movie.