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Robert David Hall: I pretty much spent my twenties as a musician and taking acting classes.

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 1: 1929-1964

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  • — (2007) Robert David Hall (* 9. November 1947 in East Orange, New Jersey, USA) ist ein US amerikanischer Schauspieler. Robert David Hall machte 1971 seinen Abschluss in Englischer Literatur an der UCLA. 1978 war er in einen schweren Autounfall… …

    “CSI’s” Robert David Hall is bemused by the controversy over South African runner Oscar Pistorius, who’ll begin his quest for Olympic Gold Saturday (8/4) — running on artificial limbs in the 400 meter sprint.

  • Robert Anderson Hall, Jr. (1911 April 4 – 1997 December 2) was an American linguist who made notable contributions to and languages and linguistics.

    Since August 2011 this opinion piece has been widely circulated on the Internet in a version that presents it as the work of comedian Bill Cosby. Dr. Cosby (who is actually 75 years old) had nothing to do with writing it, and his own site features a of any association with it:Some readers who have viewed a correctly attributed version of this item have nonetheless confused its real author, Hall (the former Massachusetts state senator) with Robert David Hall (the actor who plays coroner Robbins on the TV show ). Though their names are similar, they're very different people. Compounding the problem, one version of the displayed within it a photograph of the actor, thereby erroneously leading recipients to believe the man pictured was the piece's author.

    Name Robert David Hall
    Birth Date November 9, 1947
    Birth Place East Orange, New Jersey, U.S.
    Family Susan Petroni (1969–1974), Connie Cole (1979–1987), Judy Sterns (1999–present)

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    Robert David Hall ( de , East Orange, ) es un actor de cine y televisión estadounidense. Actualmente es conocido por su papel en la , donde interpreta al forense Al Robbins.

Robert David Hall: Wednesday, 7/7/10

Robert David Hall: At some point you turn 27 or 28 years old and you say to yourself, "God, I'm getting up there." You think you are so old at that age.