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The Mayakovsky Tapes: A Novel
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The Company: A Novel of the CIA

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  • TAG : 7. Robert Littell – Una Sporca Faccenda (Fanucci/TimeCrime, 2014)
  • “In this ambitious and tumultuous novel, Robert Littell signs a homage (to the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky) that is vibrant and sensual, where creative excesses existed alongside human genius.” —(France)

    Robert Littell: decade as a writer. ... Hmm, let me get my calculator out. ... Well, I guess I've been writing novels since the 1970s, so you're right; but I have been writing all my life. And to answer your question: Life has been treating me excellently.

  • "An of the world of espionage, Robert Littell hides a romanesque soul. It surfaces in , a fictionalized biography of the Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. With a kaleidoscope of emotions the flamboyant Lilya, the anti-Bolshevik Elly, the White Russian Tatiana, and the brazen diva Nora explore seventh heaven with their Don Quixote-like young idol." — (Switzerland)

    "Before shooting himself in the heart April 14, 1930, Vladimir Mayakovsky loved Lilia, Tatiana, Elly, Nora. In his latest book, Robert Littell reunites them twenty-three years after the poet's death. They confront their memories, detail their most intimate secrets with the young Bolshevik who committed suicide at age 36, tormented, torn between morality and commitment. Littell's obsessions resurface in the 282 pages of a book where emotion vies with intelligence and powerful writing." —

    The Amateur
    Robert Littell
    Snippet view - 1981

  • The Amateur
    Robert Littell
    Snippet view - 1982

    "Robert Littell gives us a delightful re-reading of Mayakovsky’s biography - inventing, as a subtext, a war of the poet’s muses. He manages above all to explain the inexplicable: how someone endowed with such poetic power could end up killing himself." —(France)

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