Carlos Danger is the best-worst sexpseudonym since Ron Mexico.

Nice review. I did a quick search for “ron mexico hops” and your link was 2nd in the list.

Don't Retire In Mexico: Here's Why

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  • Ron Mexico. It is a beer brewed by Vinnie Cilurzo and his acolytes at Russian River Brewing Company. Russian River never seems to disappoint, and it does not miss the mark with this one. Before we dive into the nitty gritty lets talk about what is in this beer, and why you probably have never heard of it before.

    Ron Mexico is a special commemorative release for next week’s American Homebrewers Association National Homebrew Conference in San Diego. Those of you lucky enough to attend will likely have the chance to down a few of these bad boys during the festivities. The name is derived from the single hop within, HBC-438 or “Ron Mexico”, a var. neomexicanus/var. lupulus hybrid. The neomexicanus half is native to the western United States and offers some distinct morphological characteristics, and apparently some pretty unique tastes and aromas. Okay, enough of minutia, lets talk BEER.

  • Old Ronny Mexico pours a nice pale golden yellow with a rather thin head in my 30th anniversary (2004) Marmot pint glass. From here, things get a little fuzzy. I swear the aroma changes with every sniff. It starts with a strong tropical fruit note with piña colada and coconut. From there it meanders between the tropical fruit, toward lemongrass, herbal, spicy (pepper?, cumin?), and back to fruity again. A very complex aroma that I cant quite get my head around. The taste is a bit more monotone. It has a fairly straightforward IPA flavor, but the mixture of spice and fruitiness of the aroma does make itself known to the taste buds. It is a little on the “sharp” end (for lack of a better term) in terms of flavor and aftertaste.

    Did you seriously not understand the reference?? Ron Mexico is Mike Vick, the old quarterback, thats whos on the label doing the heisman, The cigar is meant to be a joke.

  • I give this beer a overall. It is finely balanced, quite tasty, and sessionable. It would be more of all of those things if I wasn’t so enamored with trying to decipher the Ron Mexico hop. There is a little bit too much vegetal aroma from the hop, and a slight sharpness on the flavor that I’m not terribly fond of. If I could find it in the stores I would definitely spend a few bucks on another bottle. Ron Mexico was probably a tall order for a first beer review here at The Nexus of the Universe, but hey, those who don’t jump will never fly.

Weird that Carlos Danger is the white person's Ron Mexico.

Ummm…. well I just don’t know what to say. I guess I can’t pick on this label too much because it at least accomplishes the basic task of informing you that you are smoking a Ron Mexico. But then I can’t figure out what the deal with the guy in the suit is. It reminds me of Michael Jackson in Moonwalker, but why is he doing the Heisman pose? Your guess is a good as mine.