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Learn German: Rosetta Stone German - Power Pack

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  • Rosetta Stone German utilizes multiple learning activities and teaching tools to help you learn German. The center of the software is the Rosetta Course. Each Rosetta Course is divided up into units, and each unit contains four core lessons, a few focused activities and a milestone. The core lesson is where you learn and practice the vocabulary and phrases.

    Rosetta Stone German doesn’t require you to memorize lengthy vocabulary lists but relies on varied repetition and focused activities to enhance your retention. While you progress in the lesson you will switch to a different style of activity with the same phrases and words. You start with the core lesson introducing the words, then you are taken to the vocabulary focus where you are required to use the new vocabulary to correctly identify the corresponding images.

  • Rosetta Stone German keeps track of your progress with a stamp reward system. The stamps look like postage stamps from different places in Germany. Each stamp represents your passing off a section, like participating in a live session with a coach or playing a learning game with another student online. This is a fun way to track how you are progressing and is more interesting to look at than a pie chart.

    You can install Rosetta Stone German on up to two computers with five unique users on each device. This makes it possible for multiple learners to progress at their own pace. You also get the accompanying audio CD to complement your German studies. These CDs can be played in your car or you can send the audio files to your MP3 player so you can study on the go.

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    If you need to learn to speak German, and you learn well visually, then Rosetta Stone German: Level 1 is a great choice. You can effectively begin to learn and commit the language to memory by using this software, but it is unfortunate that the online subscription does not last longer. Rosetta Stone is a reputable learn German software program and is worth checking out.

Rosetta Stone German Review 2016 - TopTenREVIEWS

My Portuguese husband selected Rosetta Stone German to take on my mother tongue, having sifted through half a dozen German language training software. As a trained linguist, I reviewed it myself. Here is what we think.