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Overall Rating: 32/50 The first season of Black Butler is TV-14, however the second season is TV-MA.
His Butler, Presenting
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Ciel summoned the services of an exquisite butler born of the fires of hell
The New Kid, Part 1
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Ciel in Wonderland Part I
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His Butler, Able

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  • The carded box, which will hold both Seasons of Black Butler, is wounderful to look at, even if it does seem ‘plain’ compared to other Limited Edition boxsets released by FUNimation Entertainment. The entire carded box is Black, with traits taken from the TV Series (i.e. grey thorns on the front and back of the box). While most of the carded box is black it does have simplistic, but artisitic, drawnings of Sebastian and Ciel on the front, yet again with the Black Butler II logo, while on the back we are treated to newcomers Alios and his butler Claude, yet again featuring the Black Butler II logo.

    By far, my favorite season of black butler. It's not connected to the first two and is based more off the book. It is super cool and really fantastic! I recommend!!!

  • Black Butler: Book of Circus aired 10 episodes during the summer season of 2014. Black Butler is well-known in the world of anime and this sequel to the second season is rather pleasing to watch. Black Butler: Book of Circus is a must watch for those who have seen the first two seasons of Black Butler. If you enjoyed the second season, you might as well travel even deeper into the lives of the Phantomhives. The anime is considered to be apart of the Comedy, Shounen, Demon, and Supernatural genres. Black Butler: Book of Circus earned an average score of 8.38, according to users.

    Oh yes, Elizabeth’s maid and Elizabeth herself talked about how great Season I of Black Butler was, and asked for Lau’s opinion.. hehe here was the outcome of what he said:

  • And lastly I watched the 3rd OVA which was The Making of Kuroshitsuji!! It was just epic and hilarious! They interviewed most of the characters and even did a preview for Season II of Black Butler which I think is meant to be III..? I dont know for sure, but at the end Tanaka held up a sign that said sorry were not making a Season II/III, but we’re trying to. (Something along those lines) It also had a few behind the scene shots and takes like Agni trying to do a scene about 6 times then he finally does it and The UnderTaker smiles through, so he had to do another take LOL! Anyway heres some epic pictures I took:

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