The Seattle Space Needle can be yours!

We had a GREAT time at The Seattle space needle thank you


Seattle Space Needle Model 5" Tall With Wood Color Base and Felt Pads

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  • Massive steel beams form the slender legs and upper body of the Seattle Space Needle. The Space Needle is designed to withstand a wind velocity of 200 miles per hour, but storms occasionally force the facility to close. Several earth tremors have caused the Needle to sway. However, the original designers doubled the 1962 building code requirements, enabling the Space Needle to withstand even greater jolts.

    When most people think of Seattle, three things come to mind, rainy weather, the movie, “Sleepless in Seattle”, and the Seattle Space Needle. Being that the Space Needle is the major landmark, it is no wonder why it is a beautiful tower to photograph.

  • Built as a monument to America's optimistic sense of leadership in the Space Age, the Seattle Space Needle is, culturally, historically, technologically, and architecturally, a prime example of American modernism. Its condition is well-maintained and it continues to be frequently visited.

    In June of 2012 I went out to Seattle to visit my photographer friend, Nicolesy. The first night I was there we headed to Kerry Park to photograph the Seattle Space Needle. Apparently this is the best location to photograph the historic landmark. We were greeted with a number of photographers all eager to create a photograph (the exact same photograph). However, you might notice I am sharing 3 different photographs of the Space Needle. Each of these are long exposures but we started during sunset and kept shooting through twilight and then into night. As time passed by the landscape of the photograph changed immensely.

  • The Seattle Space Needle has an observation deck (with a truly stunning view over Seattle), a gift shop, a rotating restaurant (which allows each diner to get a 360 degree angle view of the city and surrounding mountains) and more.

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Broadly recognized as Seattle’s number one tourist destination, the Seattle Space Needle is considered to not only be a symbol of Seattle itself but of the entire Pacific Northwest in general. The structure is located at the Seattle Center near downtown Seattle. It stands 605 feet tall at its tallest point and weighs over 9500 tons. It was built to withstand winds over 200 mph and earthquakes up to a magnitude 9.1.