Published as “Shared Wisdom,” , Issue 41 Winter January-March 2001

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  • My work in Interspecies Communication over the past fourteen years has been and continues to be a joy. I am very grateful for the instruction, writings, shared wisdom, support and friendship of many communicators. The work of the following people is of great significance in my own understanding and skill: Penelope Smith, Betty Lewis, Stacey Gorley, Sananjaleen, Jeri Ryan, Carol Gurney, and Kate Solisti. Penelope’s journal, and the hundreds of people who write for it provide ongoing insights for me. While it is impossible to list all of the human writers, teachers, animal owners, animals, trees, plants, rocks, bodies of water, Guides, Devic intelligences and nature spirits that have played a role in helping me to grow in understanding, I would like to thank them anyway.

    "The psychologist, Robert Wicks, urges us to recognize our responsibility to exercise mentoring, a time-honored process that occurs within our ongoing relationships. Through mentoring, whether it is informal or intentional, we share the wisdom we have gained from our experiences and we seek insights from others. The aim of Wicks’s book is to provide helps by which we can mentor with greater intentionality and information that enhances what we already know. He also outlines characteristics to look for in a mentor when we are seeking one. Near the end of the book, he presents frequently asked questions and his answers: a list that summarizes his mentoring guidelines, and a short annotated bibliography.

  • The book contains helpful appendices. One deals with 'Answers to Common Questions on Mentoring,' another with 'Readings to Enrich the Mentoring Process: An Annotated Bibliography.' We can be grateful that a seasoned mentor like Robert Wicks has shared his wisdom with us.
    Arthur Byrene, Liguorian Magazine

    I am incredibly grateful that forward-thinking, best-selling author and professional speaker John O’Sullivan has agreed to participate in the second installment of my Sharing Wisdom: A Series of Coaching Perspectives. John is the Founder and CEO of the and works tirelessly on helping coaches, parents, and administrators develop high-perfor

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    In short chapters he presents forty lessons for mentoring, for sharing wisdom. Some lessons are basic to any healthy relationship, such as being respectful of others, letting people tell their stories, and being patient with others. Others deal more formally with this particular form of relationship, such as what to do when the mentor feels overwhelmed by a story told or a question asked by the person seeking mentoring.

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