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Shyt List 5: Smokin' Crazies the Finale

Shyt List 2: Loose Cannon (The Cartel Publications Presents)

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  • When Yvonna decides to take revenge on the organization which sold her into sexual slavery, resulting in a lifelong battle with a mental illness, she enlists her boyfriend Bricks, her best friend Ming, and her archrival Swoopes. The plan sounded like a good idea until she realizes their personalities crash harder than a drunken driver with his eyes closed. As the mission continues, Yvonna s rapidly deteriorating health threatens success. Will she complete what she set out to achieve, or turn against the people who swore to help her? Does she make it out alive? Or will she finally succumb to death? For the first time in the HISTORY of urban literature, the choice is yours. Choose wisely as this is, Shyt List 5: The Finale.

    What happens when the devil s daughter visits Sin City? Drama occurs of biblical proportions. Yao has given Yvonna specific orders for Urban Greggs, the heavyweight champion of the world. And because she has a temper, he warns her to never allow emotions to get the best of her. But when she comes out of hiding to fulfill her assignment, her enemies converge on the Las Vegas hotel in an effort to draw first blood. In the beginning Yvonna is clueless about their plight, believing no one could possibly know her whereabouts. Soon she discovers she s dead wrong. Shyt List 4 promises to grab, hold and keep you page after page. Enjoy Crazed Shyt List fans everywhere!!!

  • I didn’t get to watch RAW live last night so I didn’t have the usual time it would take for me complete THE REAL RAW SHYT the way I would normally do it and have it posted in a timely manner. What that means is that instead of being as detailed as I usually am, this will just be a bunch of brief thought on the show, so if this seems rushed, it’s because it was. Sue me.

    The most anticipated sequel and the most hated villain Yvonna Harris is back! And worse than ever before! On a mission, and fresh out of the mental institution, Yvonna returns to Washington DC, to finish what she started. Forcing Treyana to help her, she wastes no time getting down to business. Everything seems to be going as planned, that is until you remember that in Shyt List, nothing is, as it seems. With the help of Ming Chi, a nail designer and personal friend, Yvonna discovers some new things about herself and even brings her new boyfriend Bradshaw along for the ride. Soon everything in control, goes out of control, when Yvonna s name unexpectedly makes it on several shyt lists. Caution: Shyt List fans already know that you should pay more attention to what isn t said, than you should what is. Shyt List 2, explodes with drama, violence, humor, sexuality and suspense. And most importantly, read at your own risk! Oh...and try not to ruin the story for others!

    Shyt List 3 (The Cartel Publications Presents) (Paperback) ~ Reign (Author)

  • Shyt List 5: Smokin' Crazies The Finale' (The Cartel Publications Presents) (Paperback) ~ Reign (T. Styles)

    Everyone's got a "shyt list"—but in this explicit street tale, one woman plans to do something about it...When Yvonna's ghetto fabulous world in Southeast D.C. is rocked after her father brutally murders her high school sweetheart, she learns a lot about the people around her and the secrets they keep—including one involving her best friend and

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