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Siobhan Williams – Evening With Canada’s Stars Beverly Hills. February 2016

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  • Siobhan Williams is a Canadian actress who was born in Cambridge, England. She has appeared in numerous American and Canadian productions and first broke into the world of film and television while living in Calgary, Alberta, with a recurring role on CBC's hit series "Heartland."

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    Siobhan Ellen Williams is a actress. She started her acting career in 2000. She first starred in the of where she appeared as a student. She then went on to get a bigger role in the of as a member of (who is also a Hufflepuff and can be assumed to be her character from Goblet of Fire) and as a pupil in the common room. Her role as the "Dumbledore's Army Member" may have been either of the characters or .

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    SiobhanWilliams currently lives in Granada Hills. Before that, she lived in Lufkin, TX in 2012. Siobhan Williams attended Blair High School in Pasadena,CA and graduated class of 2003.

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Siobhan Williams, who plays Naomi Hatch on AMC’s Hell on Wheels, talks about her unique audition process and an eerie surprise on set.