Book two in the Sisters Grimm series

The Sisters Grimm Series #8: The Inside Story, by Michael Buckley

The Fairy Tale Detectives (The Sisters Grimm, Book 1)

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  • The Sisters Grimm Book series.... charming idea! I read all nine of them and I highly recommend them for kids AND adults who like fairy tales! (And have a sarcastic streak)

    Sabrina Grimm is the main protagonist of The Sisters Grimm series. After the disappearance of her parents, Sabrina and her sister, Daphne, enter foster care. Sabrina and eventually are put into the care of their and start to follow the family business. Sabrina is initially reluctant to become a fairy-tale detective, but after her visit to , she soon embraces the role.

  • The Unusual Suspects (Sisters Grimm Series #2) ($5.69 Kindle, Kobo - coupon eligible; $1.99 B), the second title in the Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley, is the Nook Daily Find for Families.

    Those are some very romantic notions and for the most part I agree with them, but I don’t care. I’m doing it anyway. Abrams is putting out a tenth anniversary edition of The Sisters Grimm series, the first series I ever wrote. There are going to be new covers, a new design, and a few other surprises I have been hinting at but still can’t talk about because we’re just having conversations about it all. This redesign offers me a rare opportunity few authors will ever have. Because the books need to be completely laid out again I can actually fix things, namely a lot of blunders and lazy mistakes that a new writer with an overly ambitious delivery schedule was bound to make.

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    Yes, I fully expected it to be amazinggly insanely awesome, after all this is the Sisters Grimm series we're talking about. But, WHOA. Seriously, WHOA.

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    i am so excited about this new book coming out! I was introduced to the Sisters Grimm series by a friend and have read every one except this one coming out. I just can't wait to get one once it comes out. I recomend this series to anyone who loves fairy-tales and mysteries.

    In a new breed of mystery that intermingles humor, excitement, adventure and imagination, The Sisters Grimm Series will inject the legends of fairytale with modern day sensibilities and suspense, creating an irresistible combination young readers will love!

The Sisters Grimm series by Michael Buckley

About the book: In the final volume in the Sisters Grimm series, Sabrina, Daphne, and the rest of the Grimms and their friends must face off against the Master to decide the fate of Ferryport Landing—and the world. When Mirror fails to escape the barrier using Granny Relda’s body, he turns to his plan B: killing all the Grimms so that the magical barrier collapses. In the meantime, Sabrina has gathered the other magic mirrors as advisors on how to deal with their mortal enemy. They tell her to join forces with the Scarlet Hand against Mirror, in exchange for offering all the citizens of Ferryport Landing their freedom. This final chapter is the end of the road for several beloved characters, but the conclusion is sure to satisfy devoted fans of the series.