TITLE: Someone Named EvaAUTHOR: Joan M. Wolf

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Someone Named Eva

Someone Named Eva

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  • My mind makes me pair books together. That's just how it works. And at some point, mid-way through a read of "Someone Named Eva", I realized that this book should be paired alongside The Night of the Burning: Devorah's Story by Linda Press Wulf. Both take place during WWII, and they deal with very different adoption journeys. You could create an entire reading unit out of these two books alone. It's almost as if they were made for one another, so perfectly to they complement and contrast one another's themes. Before you do that, however, you must read this book first. It's Joan M. Wolf's first book for children, and I want it to get a proper amount of attention. Books like this one don't write themselves. For a good jolt of historical fiction to the brain, "Someone Named Eva" may well be one of the smartest books of the year.

    Distinguishing between "nice" and "good" proves to be difficult for most adults I know. Imagine how much harder it would be for a child who misses her mother and has a loving enemy there to give her whatever she wants. If for no other reason, Wolf allows her book to explore a moral ambiguity here that will undoubtedly lead to interesting conversations on the playground. Eva's new family consists of Nazis so they're evil, right? Except, look at how much they love her and want her to love them back. Look at how they wrestle and play and laugh. Look too at what their jobs are and what they're trying to destroy. Any book that makes a child ask what makes a person good or bad is worth giving them to read. "Someone Named Eva" makes sure to skip all easy answers.

  • Someone Named Eva by Joan Wolf. I knew Hitler committed atrocities, and I even knew about the annihilation of the town of Lidice, Czechoslovakia, but I had no idea that he took blonde blue eyed children, sent them through training and put them into German families as the Aryan ideal. Another page in a sad chapter of history. Great book for 9 and up. Finished 5/28/12.

    Book Trailers for Readers on Someone Named Eva 2010 Sunshine State Young Readers Award book by author Joan Wolf. 2010 book trailer by M. Harclerode.

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    Her new "mutter" and siblings gave her desperately needed affection which caused a literal tug-of-war with emotions because "Milada/Eva" realized the same woman is wife to the commandant of the feared adjacent 'death camp' from which come pervasive crematorium odors. This issue is not dealt with 'head on' but is no more ambiguous than some issues which make adolescence so difficult in contemporary society. Life always means confronting hard choices, doesn't it? And readers in middle grades may find it helpful to read about 'someone named Eva' who hung on to life for Freedom's sake.

The Children's War: Someone Named Eva by Joan M. Wolf

Something Named Eva is Malida's story of who she was taken from her family and trained to be a German. Malida is adopted by a German family and raised as one of their own. At the end of the war, Malida is reunited with the remaining member of her family, her mother.