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  • In a sense, Thompson's most recent album lives up to his fans' "timeless" talk far more than any of his previous work—at least, in a very literal sense. The concept of 1000 Years of Popular Music (recorded in concert, released on Thompson's own Beeswing imprint, and sold through ) is in its title. According to the disc's liner notes, Thompson got the idea when Playboy asked him to submit a list of his 10 favorite songs of the millennium. "Hypocrites," he writes, "they don't mean millennium, they mean twenty years—I'll call their bluff and do a real thousand-year selection." Eventually, that list mutated into an "evening with" acoustic performance that he's been occasionally airing for a couple of years now. (He'll take it next to Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music, Oct. 23-24.)

    These are my favorite songs of the new millennium. Some say that the mainstream music is full of crap, but we still have great music being made, and these ones are examples of it.

    "There's NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED, this video is just for fun"

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Indian Pop Songs of the Millennium volume 1