Officially licensed Star Trek collectible.

The Star Trek collectibles market is a huge one with lots of range for collectors.

Limited Edition Star Trek 50th Fifty Year Anniversary Collectible Bill in Currency Holder

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  • Live Long and Prosper! Star Trek Collectibles like the exclusive Star Trek Next Generation Crew and Ship Plaque or the Star Trek United Federation of Planets blanket are unique and specially crafted pieces sure to beam up any true Star Trek fan, or at least their disposition.

    Are you one who just has a few items like action figures, communicator pin or an old Star Trek lunch box lying in your attic or stored and collecting dust in the basement? Then “Star Trek Collectibles” offers identifying details and current market values for these and countless other Trek items.

  • At Urban Collector, we’ll ship your Star Trek collectibles right away (we know how it feels to have to wait, and we don’t want to put any of our fellow Trekkies through that). They’ll arrive on your doorstep ready to be enjoyed as soon as we can get them there. Now beam us up, Scotty!

    Our huge collection of Star Trek collectibles includes action figures, statues, busts, replicas, costumes, apparel and many more novelties. You’ll find many characters from each generation hanging out with the other Star Trek collectibles, including Captain Kirk, Worf, Data, Spock, Dr. McCoy and more. Want an official Star Trek badge? We’ve got those too (so you can be an engineer, doctor or scientist whenever you want to). We’ve got model kits, communicators, assault phasers and much more.

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    Star Trek collectibles are included here. The original Star Trek television series ran from 1966 through 1969. The series spawned an animated TV series, three TV sequels, and a TV prequel. The first Star Trek movie was released in 1979 and eleven others followed, the most recent in 2013. Other science fiction and fantasy collectibles can be found under Batman, Buck Rogers, Captain Marvel, Flash Gordon, Movie, Star Wars, Superman, and Toy.

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At Urban Collector Headquarters, we’ve got our share of Trekkies. That’s why you’ll find such a comprehensive selection of Star Trek collectibles here (actually, our purchasing manager swears that we’re shopping for ourselves when we come up with new additions).