Tai Chi 37 Style Competition in Taiwan in 2000Barry Lin

Tai chi Chuan 37 Forms-Back View - Duration: 9:41

Taiji Martial Applications 37-Postures

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  • This video breaks down the different motions involved with the Cheng Man Ching tai chi 37 form reverse monkey.

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    I edited the videos so you can see both the front and back views of the Cheng Man Ching tai chi 37 form as to get a better perspective and hopefully much easier to learn. This way you don't have to keep flipping back and forth between the front view video and back view video. Hope this helps.

  • Tai Chi 37 short form performed by Roger Cotgreave. This is Master Huang Sheng-Shyan’s Tai Chi form. Master Huang was a Fukien White Crane Master that studied Tai Chi with Grandmaster Cheng Man-ch’ing.

    Tai Chi 37 Movement Form (Saturday 8-9:30am)
    Although shorter than many other T’ai Chi forms, Professor Cheng’s 37 movement form contains all of the deepest principles and teachings of classical T’ai Chi and Chi Kung. Perfect for all ages and levels of experience.

    interesting video ..... " the unconscious signals that folks give off ..." technically hypnotism is not clarity. it is inducement, and is usually based on language. a hypnotist is addressing a layer of awareness, levels that are susceptible to taking on commands. another example.

    so is this aspect of mind still like Qi? good question. I think the hypnotist looks to reach the listening part, that complies with language. (that imo, is surface level) Qi belongs to the non analytic levels. breathing is affected. all breathing practice in meditation is about regulation of the respiration and achieving a kind of deep level, that goes into the nei-dan, the dan-tian, the mco. these are the energy engines.

    also what happens is that the mind and the respiration become linked to actual energy process, and this energy is mostly unknown. qi-gong (chi-kung) is a level of mastery.

    brown has plenty of vids, and each one has something (or many things) informative.
    1) he uses language with precision. no word is out of place, each word has an effect.
    2) if something basic is repeated enough it becomes a command.
    3) many words have double meanings. -example-
    4) DB studies the predictability of people, and how patterns of behavior work.

    Tai Chi Chuan 37 short form ...........


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  • Tai Chi 37 Style Competition with Barry Lin. Nice movements, very clear action from both of the players in shot. No sound apart from the odd burst of clapping in the hall. what is interesting is seeing the small differences between the players.

Tai Chi Chasers 37 part 1 no audio - Video Dailymotion