Talitha Stevenson is an and journalist who grew up in West London.

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Talitha Stevenson is twenty-seven and lives in London.
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An Empty Room

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  • The narrative moves into Luke's world, a world of drug-taking and clubbing. Luke is a tormented ex-public school boy, tanned and handsome. His friends are an assortment of trustafarians with names such as Ludo. Talitha Stevenson supplies taut descriptions of Luke's nervous progress through the city: "Movements around him seemed staged, menacingly interconnected. A can of the drink he was about to buy bounced in the gutter beside him… Someone threw a cigarette butt onto the pavement - at the exact moment he lowered his new shoe. He crushed it out."

    ...how they must adapt or else come into clear focus in this entertaining, unconventional survey. An Empty Room By Talitha Stevenson Carroll & Graf, 218 pp., $23 If a cynic, as it's been said, is a disappointed romantic, the young heroine......Continue reading about

  • Talitha Stevenson's novel Disappear promises more of the same, starting as it does weeks before the markets crashed, in the company of Leila and Charlie Bell, an archetypal pre-crunch power couple. He runs a hedge fund, she gussies up flats to flip for quick profit to feed his business; their friends and lifestyle are rich and entitled. Despite the rather obvious set-up for financial downfall, however, it is personal tragedy and a disastrous Spanish holiday that splits the Bells, sending Leila to her estranged sister Kate, and Charlie back to his floundering business and wealthy but awful parents.

    ...high on the walls. I would live like those I envied, exist in their perfect world'. (5) The protagonist of Talitha Stevenson's Disappear (2010), meanwhile, regretfully comes to the realisation that her life with her hedge fund manager......Continue reading about

    An Empty Room
    Talitha Stevenson
    Shortlisted for the Whitbread First Novel Award (2003) plus two other international prizes, this is one of the brightest stars in the literary firmament at the moment. With a novel portraying first love, its pain and its ecstasy with little...
    Format: Paperback - Released: 24/03/2005
    Lovereading Price: £5.59

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    Byline: KATE JACKSON EXPOSURE, by Talitha Stevenson, is published in hardback by Virago, priced pounds...their lives. However, for the Langford family in Talitha Stevenson's book, Exposure, the anxiety of the family members......Continue reading about

Talitha Stevenson | The Guardian

Alistair Langford, a high-powered lawyer, has at long last achieved 'almost all' his immense ambitions. But in the course of just one evening, he recklessly destroys it all. The scandal threatens his marriage and his family and even his own identity. Quite suddenly a secret he has kept hidden all his adult life is exposed. Meanwhile his son Luke is obsessed with a beautiful actress and refuses to believe that love has ended. His ideals in tatters, he seeks a kind of redemption by helping two Kosovan asylum seekers. But illegal night shifts merge uneasily with the parties of the young and wealthy and the collision of the two worlds proves dangerous. Desperate and in the unlikely possession of a gun, Luke is being led down a dark and violent path. Talitha Stevenson's second novel is a highly suspenseful story about sexual obsession, identity and the dangers of self-deceit. An exploration of the nature of love - in long married couples, the young, parents, between siblings and friends - it is also a morality tale for our times by one of the finest young writers at work today.