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Aerlit Tatting Shuttle With 2 Bobbins-Boysenberry

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  • TAG : Tatted baby bonnet after vintage pattern by Sulu
  • I like seeing what others are doing. I love it when new tatters finish a project they are proud of. I guess my email tag line says it all about me as a tatter: “I tat therefore I am.”

    I really don’t have a favorite thing to tat. I tatted a lot collars for my granddaughter to wear when she was performing until she learned to tat herself. I’ve done snowflakes for each of my grandchildren from the year they were born. Now I’ve added Max. I tend to tat whatever looks interesting. I like tatting ornament covers, edgings, doilies. I guess whatever I’m working on is my favorite thing.

  • I don’t really have a favorite book. There are two books I’ve had to replace; “Tatted Treasure Chest” and Mini Tats. They both literally fell apart from over use.

    Don’t really have a favorite designer. There are too many wonderfully talented designers out there with their own special talents. I like most of the Japanese designers. Love Jane E.’s designs, love the late Tatting Goddess, Gina’s patterns, Linda Davies 3D flowers are wonderful. I could go on and on but I won’t.

      TATTING  "BOBOLINK Le" patented June 22-15 shuttle of silver metal. My husband bought this for me on Valentine's Day many years ago. We did not discover the heart-shaped fitting inside until after we got it home. What a coincidence that was!  Bobolink made other shuttles as well. #tat4

    TATTING instructions for a centerpiece.

       TATTING shuttle in silver metal made by Boye.   #tat5

  •    TATTING shuttle of hand hammered sterling, 2-1/2".    #a25395

      TATTING instruction for edgings and borders to be used on household linens and clothing.

        TATTING shuttle of sterling engraved "Nora 1-13-16".   #tat19     

    My great-grandmother taught me. She showed me what the stitch would how to make each half of the double stitch on a piece of large twine; let me try a few stitches with it till she thought I had the idea. Then she handed me a handwritten pattern and a metal Bates shuttle wound with 120 silk thread told me to start tatting. The woman could be cruel. I made a lot of mistakes and she would patiently help me fix them. I know that shuttle would look like it was running out of thread before I went to bed, but the next morning it would still be attached to what I thought I did the day before and the shuttle would be full!

- Create your tatted clover bookmark with our free pattern!

You know this thing that’s going around Facebook, the Pay It Forward for Creative People meme? One of my friends asked for a ring. I know I could do a simple ring and chain ring and be done with it. Instead, I tatted up a number of failed experiments last night that have led to ideas for two future pieces. Nothing for the ring, so I’ll keep working on that.