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The BeastMaster

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  • BeastMaster is a Canadian television series that aired from 1999 to 2002. It was loosely based on a 1982 MGM film The Beastmaster. The series aired for three complete seasons (66 episodes). It is produced by Coote/Hayes Productions.

    If you fall into the category of "Beastmaster fan," then the special features will titillate you. In addition to an intriguing commentary by auteur Don Coscarelli, there is a lengthy documentary called "The Saga of the Beastmaster."

  • Also great is the documentary "The Saga of the Beastmaster." It collects all of the cast and major crew together to pore over the production of the film and its place in Hollywood history. It begins "everything about The Beastmaster is epic. It's a heroic film and it needed a heroic level of commitment."

    Cult movie trailer for the 1982 sword & sorcery classic The Beastmaster starring Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts & John Amos. For more retro trailers, rare promos, TV Spots & entertainment tidbits, be sure to subscribe to Pick of the Flicks.

    The Beastmaster
    Forged covenants with 6 Eidolons.

  • Available after completing the quests Save My Son and Path of the Beastmaster, these experts in monster research have trained tirelessly to communicate with, and even control the animals of Vana'diel. Based on their knowledge of beasts, Beastmasters (BST) can charm the beasts of Vana'diel to fight alongside them or obtain items that summon beasts called Familiars through the Call Beast job ability.
    Beastmasters are generally considered the best solo job in the game. Beastmasters often can be found soloing monsters or teaming up with other Beastmasters in all-Beastmaster parties. In a conventional party, a Beastmaster will most frequently fill the roles of damage dealer and puller, and augment their damage with "Jug Pets".

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    Combat SkillsArtifact EquipmentBeastmaster Guides

    For those who are truly invested in the Beastmaster saga, the DVD-ROM includes a PDF version of the screenplay. The rest of the features are standard: cast info, stills and trailer. The Extras help to round out a disc that is truly for collectors; the people who will love The Beastmaster no matter what anyone says.

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Admittedly, some sequences drag a bit, particularly Dar’s ludicrous training montages that have him running through streams, swinging a thick tree branch over his head, and staring determinedly toward the horizon; and it’s impossible not to smirk each time Dar raises his voice to screech like an eagle, or has a heart-to-heart with one of his ferrets. But as the film progresses, and the story of The Beastmaster marches resolutely forward, we come to embrace each absurd moment as an integral part of the unapologetic and childish innocence of the film as a whole, and we treasure the fact that such a shamelessly entertaining movie exists at all.