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The Cobra Event

The Cobra Event

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  • Even more frightening than Preston's story about the fictitious Cobra virus, however, is the truth that lies beneath it. As the author writes in his introduction, "The nonfiction roots of this book run deep.... My sources include eyewitnesses who have seen a variety of biological-weapons installations in different countries, and people who have developed and tested strategic bioweapons." In fact, the only reason The Cobra Event was not written as nonfiction is that none of Preston's sources would go on record.

    The book I read “The Cobra Event” is a very detailed and really gruesome book. The book starts off in the late 1990’s in New York. A girl by the name of Kate Moran, who is well later to be known as the first victim from a mysterious virus, lived her life as a usual laid back teenager. Well one day at school, out of no where, Richard Preston, which is the author, goes into great detail of Kate’s spontaneous reaction toward the virus that she had gotten that no one had known at the time. She has a terrible seizure and dies at the end of the first chapter.

  • This was the final project in my Bio-Technology class. It is a movie trailer based on the novel "The Cobra Event" by Richard Preston. The quality is rather poor since we had to use a normal digital camera instead of a camcorder.

    Woven throughout the novel are sections of straight nonfiction reporting that reveal the terrifying truth about the development of biological weapons and the clandestine operations of Russia and Iraq. Three years of research and more than 100 interviewswithhigh-level sources in the FBI, the U.S. military, and the scientific community went into The Cobra Event. The result is sure to shock you.

    Title: The Cobra Event
    Author(s): Richard Preston
    ISBN: 0-7528-1704-3 / 978-0-7528-1704-0 (UK edition)
    Publisher: Orion
    Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   

  • Title: The Cobra Event
    Author(s): Richard Preston
    ISBN: 0-7528-1435-4 / 978-0-7528-1435-3 (UK edition)
    Publisher: Orion
    Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

    The tunnel went down a slope, turning south. It passed underneath a parking lot and then underneath Bowery Street, and headed downtown along the Sara Delano Roosevelt Parkway, a strip of greenery and playgrounds on the Lower East Side. It was 3:20 on a Sunday morning, and when police cars and F.B.I. cars suddenly began pouring into the neighborhood, and police teams began running down into subway entrances, there were not too many people around to notice, although patrons of nearby clubs were drawn to the activity and stood out in the street wondering what was going on. Since reporters listen to the police radio, television news trucks soon headed for the Lower East Side, tracking reports of a possible terror incident. The Cobra Event had been kept a secret, but the moment Cope slipped away, and the operation turned into a chase, it started to blow into the media.

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“The Cobra Event” is a fictional novel written by Richard Preston. It is setin New York during the late 1990s. The plot is simply, in a most complex way, about aterrorist attack. The complexity of the situation is, the terrorist is using a verydeadly, new, and untreatable disease. The disease is named the Cobra Virus. This is due tothe fact that it was originally discovered in a box that, when opened, released a springloaded, wooden cobra. This action dispersed the virus, which was in a dust form, into theair.