The Daylight War will launch on the week of February 11th, 2013.

Book Three: The Daylight War (Forthcoming)

The Daylight War: Book Three of The Demon Cycle

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  • THE VERDICT: What 'The Daylight War' has done is give me an unbridled appreciation and love for each and every character. I must confess that while they fascinated me, I didn't feel any particular emotional attachment to Arlen, Leesha and Renna previously. This book changed all that for me. It has engendered equal affection for them and all the others. The only thing I'm not particularly fond of are certain syrupy moments that were too frequent and gratuitous for my taste. But this is likely a personal preference. I'm sure others will greatly appreciate such sweet, romantic moments.

    THE BRETT LEFT TURN: 'The Daylight War' continues Mr. Brett's tradition of moving in an unexpected direction by providing in-depth views of more characters other than the obvious protagonist. The first book may be called 'The Warded Man' but the series is much more than Arlen's story. The tale is as many-sided as the alagai hora, each critical and even symbiotic, with potential for infinite combinations depending on eventual interactions.

  • If I haven't made it obvious yet, I think 'The Daylight War' is absolutely fantastic. With every book, Mr. Brett creates a new apex. By consistently eclipsing himself, Mr. Brett has raised all of my expectations. But if the first three (3) books are any indication, he will fully meet those expectations and likely swiftly surpass them. I consider this among the best there is in speculative fiction -- enriching, entertaining, heartwarming, gratifying. Indeed, epic.

    THE ENSEMBLE: Many were introduced in the previous books and, while they may not have top billing, they come fully alive in 'The Daylight War' and assert their integral part in this tale. This is truly an ensemble cast. With just a few lines or even a turn of phrase, Mr. Brett reveals much about them, always painting them with a multi-dimensional brush. Nobody seems superfluous, gratuitous or extraneous. They are not mere chess pieces moved around to further the cause of the leads. The tale would suffer for the omission of any of them.

    Title: Demon Cycle 3: The Daylight War (2 of 2)
    Author(s): Peter V Brett
    ISBN: 1-59950-982-2 / 978-1-59950-982-2 (USA edition)
    Publisher: GraphicAudio
    Availability: Amazon   

  • Title: Demon Cycle 3: The Daylight War (1 of 2)
    Author(s): Peter V Brett
    ISBN: 1-59950-981-4 / 978-1-59950-981-5 (USA edition)
    Publisher: GraphicAudio
    Availability: Amazon   

    I'm not going to give any spoilers here, but I do want to say that this is a worthy addition to the DEMON CYCLE. With the WARDED MAN, Pete has staked out his territory as a major force in fantasy. He held it with THE DESERT SPEAR and I dare say THE DAYLIGHT WAR will expand it further. I can't wait to see folks' reactions when it finally hits the shelves. You're in for a treat!

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I finished The Daylight War and while I plan an immediate reread of at least the second part - I read the first 250 pages (thought it was more like 100 and was shocked when i got back to see the page indicator saying 250, this is how compelling the book is), then went back read 1/2 of Warded Man, The Desert spear end to end and then started Daylight War from page 1, so I already read (roughly as the book has some 590 text pages plus character list etc) the first half twice - I would say that this novel is the best of the series and established it as one of the outstanding fantasy series of today.