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"The lake of dreams" - Oslo, Norway
Lake of Dreams
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The Lake of Dreams will delight those who loved , as well as fans of Anna Quindlen and Sue Miller."
Lake Dreams
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The Lake of Dreams will delight those who loved , as well as fans of Anna Quindlen and Sue Miller.

The Lake of Dreams

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  • The Lake of Dreams show takes place on the hour, every hour, so is unmissable if you’re staying at the hotel. If not, many of the bars and restaurants at Wynn Las Vegas are positioned with views of the lake, making it an enjoyable diversion if you plan to visit the hotel for dinner or drinks. Some of the to be had can be found at Parasol Up. You’ll see part of the mountain that lies behind the lakes and streams immediately upon entering the hotel.

    When Lucy Jarrett receives a message that her mom has been in an accident --- nothing serious, no need to be here --- of course she returns home. Her boyfriend, Yoshi, says that he will follow in a few days after some business meetings he cannot afford to miss. Their once-idyllic lives in Japan have recently been struck with a series of earthquakes, both the ground-shaking kind and the relationship-doubting kind. Maybe, back in the Lake of Dreams, Lucy can sort out her true feelings.

  • The Lake of Dreams is a kind of mystery novel of the self, about a woman caught in the undertow of history. It may not have the blockbuster potential of Edwards's first book, but it grips in a quieter, gentler way.

    Like other stories of inquisitive, often unfulfilled characters drawn to the exciting lives of generations ago (Julie Powell'sJulie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously fame comes to mind, with her fixation on Julia Child),The Lake of Dreams attempts to draw gravity and allure from the history it mines.

    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    The Lake of Dreams was very disappointing. The main character. Lucy, lacked any depth and was at times very annoying. As a matter of fact, none of the characters were very interesting. The focus of the story took forever to get anywhere. It wasn't until three quarters of the way into the book, that the plot emerged. The author wandered all over the place. I read the Memory Keepers Daughter and loved it. The Lake of Dreams was "dreamless" and not worth the time and effort of reading it. Would not recommend.

  • Gertt More than 1 year ago
    I enjoyed reading this book. Who hasn't questioned the direction they've taken, wondering if one past decision, word or action, might have changed their life. One thing is certain, the past is written in stone and can never be changed, but the future offers promise and hope. Lucy Jarrett having spent the past ten years working in exotic places like Jakarta and Japan, now unemployed and restless, decides to return home to The Lake of Dreams. Unsettled by the changes in her mother and childhood home, haunted by memories of her father's untimely death and being reaquainted with old friends and family, Lucy begins to question the choices she's made and the direction of her life. Obsessed by the discovery that her great grandfather had a sister that seems to have been written out of her family's history, Lucy begins searching for the mysterious Rose and her illegitimate daughter Iris. The story of Rose, told through letters written to her daughter but never sent, and her journey from a poor, helpless young girl in England, to her belief in the suffragette movement in New York forcing her to give up her daughter, gives Lucy the insight and courage to let go of the past and begin moving forward to a full and rewarding future. This book takes you to the beaches of Jakarta, the mountains of Japan, the lakes and rural countryside of The Lake of Dreams, New York and to a small Chapel that teaches the importance of women during the time of Christ through it's beautiful and intiguing stain glass windows.

    The Lake of Dreams at Wynn Resort in Las Vegas is dazzling. This extraordinary man made lake leaves guests reaching for their cameras. Diners and guests experience a visual delight like no other during their visit to the Wynn.

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Its reluctant sleuth is Lucy Jarrett, a 29-year-old hydrologist who is between jobs, living a contented if listless life in Japan with her boyfriend, Yoshi. It's not long before Lucy's past intrudes on her unmoored existence, however. Learning that her mother has been hurt in a car accident, Lucy flies back to her sleepy, close-knit upstate New York hometown, The Lake of Dreams.