I am done reading The Madness Underneath.

Jazza takes Rory to revisit the scene of her attack in The Madness Underneath.

The Madness Underneath (Shades of London)

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  • When The Madness Underneath begins, Rory is in Bristol at her parents house where she was exiled after The Ripper attacked her at her London school. She is watched constantly by her parents and sees a therapist regularly, but none of that is helping her. This is mostly because Rory is forbidden from telling anyone what really happened to her in the bathroom that night or about her ghost-seeing abilities. Not like they would believe her anyway. Thankfully, it is not long before Rory is sent back to Wexford, where everyone hopes she will be able to regain her normal life. Rory is eager to return, although she's not sure if 'normal' is even possible for her anymore.

    Despite that, there are a few great creepy London moments in The Madness Underneath, as well as an awesome title that matches those sections. But I wanted a lot more of those parts than we got. Unfortunately, there is also a major storyline in this book that I did not buy at all. In fact, I cringed when it was introduced, because it seemed so transparently ridiculous to me, and I couldn't figure out how Rory was falling for it. Especially, because she is so insightful in the rest of the book. The unfortunate plot-line was left largely unfinished, so I still do not have a great sense about where it is headed. Although, I don't have a whole lot of confidence about where it is going either.

  • You have successfully crushed my hopes for this series. Please tell me that the ending of The Madness Underneath (as well as half the plot) was a joke, and Rory is about to jump out of the bushes and yell "gotcha!"

    And suck it DID. This book was utterly ridiculous. Rory was a character I found witty, fun, and unique in The Name of the Star. In The Madness Underneath her wit was just silly, her nervous humor was obnoxious, and her decisions were just fucking stupid.

    kirstyviz More than 1 year ago
    In The Madness Underneath, the second Shades of London installment, the reader finds Rory in Bristol with her parents still recovering from the vicious attack which almost left her dead at the end of The Name of the Star. However,Rory now discovers she has been left with new powers, and when it is suggested she return to Wexford she agrees, unaware that Stephen, Callum and Boo need her help. I found The Madness Underneath slower than The Name of the Star as I felt Maureen Johnson develops her characters, particularly those of Stephen and Rory, and obviously the plot line is less gritty, though still shocking. Although the first book was about Jack the Ripper I felt this story was darker because of the intent of the group involved and Maureen Johnson has now left Rory in a difficult position at the book's end, so I very much look forward to reading Shades of London #3. This is a book for anyone who has read The Name of the Star!

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    And suck it DID. This book was utterly ridiculous. Rory was a character I found witty, fun, and unique in The Name of the Star. In The Madness Undernea

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