Edward Bennett Williams, Legendary Lawyer, Ultimate Insider

The old man rows steadily away from shore, toward the deep waters of the Gulf Stream

The Man to See

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  • TAG : 9 As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth
  • It was inevitable that after his death in 1988, following a decade-long fight against cancer, his fascinating career would become the subject of a book. What is remarkable about Evan Thomas's study, "The Man to See," is that it is both "an authorized biography" and a brutally honest account of an extraordinarily complex life.

    THE MAN TO SEE Edward Bennett Williams: Ultimate Insider; Legendary Trial Lawyer. By Evan Thomas. Illustrated. 587 pp. New York: Simon & Schuster. $27.50.

  • COMMENTS: Neighbors, and others who had seen this man beg as ablind man, were very surprised that he now had sight. There evenwas some disagreement among them whether this was the man who hadbeen blind, but the blind man spoke for himself, to say he wasthe man. They then asked how he was able to see, and he relatedwhat a man named Jesus (not referring to him as Lord or Christ)had done. The fact that those familiar with the blind man had toquestion him about the means of his healing, may indicate thatthe transaction between Jesus and this blind man had been verylow-profile, which was a manner Jesus used in other accounts whenhe told the healed party not to spread the word. The healing alsodid not take place until after the blind man had left Jesus andmade his way to the pool as Jesus had instructed. When the blindman could not tell them where Jesus was, they took the man to thePharisees. The gospel writer tells us that the healing was doneon a Sabbath, and the blind man describes the application of clayby Jesus, in his explanation to these people, as he will also dowhen he speaks to the Pharisees.

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