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The new Newsweek has arrived

Newsweek Commemorative Edition Prince 1958-2016

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  • This Friday, the new print Newsweek, which since the end of 2012, . Maybe “hits” is too strong a word. At a whopping $7.99 a copy, it should perhaps land on a soft pillow, the better to protect the paper quality that is promised to be twice that of long-time nemesis Time.

    The newest Newsweek strategy is both old-fashioned and radical. It’s old-fashioned in the sense that it is reviving a ghost print brand with printing presses on two continents. It’s radical in its pricing. Even the high-flying, high-quality weekly New Yorker only charges about $79 a year, while Time goes for $30 and The (monthly) Atlantic for about $25. Newsweek is going way beyond those prices.

  • The print launch is all wrapped up in a lovely package, led by magazine veteran Jim Impoco. In fact, that package — with design by — seems almost anachronistic, a throwback to another era of plush and flush magazines. In a sense, the newest Newsweek is trying to create its own category: NewsLuxe.

    Edited specifically for our readers in Scandinavia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and all European, Middle Eastern and African countries, the new Newsweek will be created by over 100 correspondents and photographers spread throughout the region.

  • If $8 seems a bit rich for a newsmagazine, subscribers can pay the equivalent of a still-high $3 a week for a new subscription. The new Newsweek, I’ve found out, is joining the all-access parade with this planned pricing:

Newsweek Plans Return to Print - The New York Times

There may be room for the new model — and kudos to the newest Newsweek owners for testing it. If it does work, experience tells us it’s likely to take several years to prove out, and that may test the financial limits of this bootstrapping effort.