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The Night Before Christmas

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  • Take a trip down memory lane with the traditional, The Night Before Christmas story. With beautiful illustrations that really bring the story alive.

    Retell the classic story of Santa's visit on Christmas Eve year after year with this Hallmark The Night Before Christmas Recordable Book. You can record the story with your very own voice for a family tradition you can share no matter where you are. The Night Before Christmas story book comes with 16 pages. This book enables you to read the Christmas story to your loved ones even when you are not with them. Easy to use, you simply press a button to record the story. This item is suitable for children aged 3 years and older.

  • It's a narrative poem, meaning that it tells a story, so you might also find it sometimes referred to as 'the Night Before Christmas story.'

    Although no-one is completely certain who wrote A Visit from St Nicholas, a man called Clement Clarke Moore, a university professor who lived in New York City, is generally believed to be the author.The poem was immediately popular and has been republished many times over the years in various formats. These days you can choose from a number of different book versions, illustrated by different artists. They're all gorgeous but is my favourite. Many families make reading The Night Before Christmas poem together on Christmas Eve one of their

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